10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today

Romance is found in every corner of entertainment on TV, in movies, books, poems, and comics. There are countless romantic tales to explore, such as the story of a secretary who falls for their boss.

How about a tale where the main character meets a mythical creature and their life turns upside down? Yep, those stories are all over the place, especially in Korean manhwa.

We’ve only recently started seeing manhwa in print. Before, you had to go online to places like Webtoon or Tapas to read these stories. Sometimes, they were free, and other times, you had to buy “coins” to read more chapters.

Either way, we all had easy access to them, and we could enjoy manhwa right away. We still can, of course! Websites like Webtoons, Tapas, Lezhin, and many others still give us great stories to read.

But now, we all have another way to enjoy manhwa: in print. Thanks to publishers like Yen Press, we can now own our favorite manhwa and even display them on our bookshelves! Isn’t that great?

We could go on and on about romance manhwa forever like the isekai trend, villainess stories, hot CEOs, and more) if you let us.

But we know you’re eager to get to the recommendations in this article, so let’s save that for later. Why did we pick these particular manhwa, you might wonder?

It could be about the plot, the characters, the sweet romance, or simply how they made us feel. What we can promise is that these manhwa will give you love stories you’ll remember for a long time.

1) Daytime Star

Daytime Star is like stepping into the glitzy world of showbiz, where you can imagine actors from your favorite TV shows dating in real life.

This manhwa follows the journey of Yura Hwang, our protagonist, a struggling actress aiming to hit the big time.

In her world, Yura is grabbing any minor role she can get, just to be on set with big name celebrities like Seunghyeon Kang. She’s chasing her dream, hoping for that breakthrough moment.

Daytime Star (Credit: Webtoon)

Even though Daytime Star is completed on Webtoon, it comes with a Daily Pass feature.

This means fans can enjoy one chapter every day, keeping the excitement alive as Yura’s story unfolds in the dazzling lights of the showbiz world.

2) My Secretly Hot Husband 

In another life, Letitia faces another tough situation. Her uncle sends her to the “Monster Lord” to repay an old promise.

There are Imp attacks, encounters with three witches, and a frightening masked devil hunter as her husband! It’s truly terrifying.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
My Secretly Hot Husband  (Credit: Tapas)

But as she settles into life at Halstead, the rumors start to unravel. Lord Erden is actually caring and has a soft spot for bunnies.

And that gasp perfect face hidden under the mask! How can he not know he’s handsome? Can Letitia help protect the castle from devils and show Erden his true self?

3) Semantic Error

Semantic Error is a highly popular manhwa, and it’s no wonder why! The story centers on Sangwoo Choo, a college student who always plays by the rules.

It really gets to him when he sees classmates not putting in their fair share of work in group projects. But when Sangwoo faces a similar situation, he chooses not to name names.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
Semantic Error (Credit: Manta)

This decision ends up preventing Jaeyoung Jang, a senior, from graduating. Now, Sangwoo is on a mission to set things right and make amends for the unintended consequences of his actions.

Follow along as Sangwoo navigates the challenges of college life and takes steps to make things right in this compelling manhwa.

4) Our Secret Alliance 

If you love high school stories, “Our Secret Alliance” is a must-read. It’s a funny and heartwarming tale about Se-i Yun and Jaeha Kim, two top-notch students.

These childhood best friends have drifted apart recently, but everything changes when they join forces to outsmart their strict parents.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
Our Secret Alliance  (Credit: Webtoon)

As they navigate this new alliance, could it blossom into something beyond friendship? Dive into this charming story to find out!

5) Love is an Illusion

Love is an Illusion is a captivating romance set in the Omegaverse. The story revolves around a man who thought he was an alpha but learns he’s actually an omega.

The plot thickens when he crosses paths with an alpha who usually dislikes omegas. Despite this, every encounter draws the alpha closer to Hye-sung, sparking unexpected feelings and deeper involvement in his life.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
Love is an Illusion (Credit: Lezhin )

As their worlds intertwine, watch how their relationship unfolds in this intriguing romance manhwa. Follow along to discover the twists and turns of love in the Omegaverse!

6) Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

Let’s dive into one of the biggest romance manhwa out there “Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion.” This series is making waves worldwide, and for good reason!

With five volumes already in print, “Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion” has also made its way to Crunchyroll as an anime.

The story centers on a woman who wakes up inside a novel where her fate is sealed: she’s meant to be killed by her fiancé.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion (Credit: Tappytoon)

But here’s where it gets interesting. To escape this deadly destiny, she teams up with a cold-hearted duke who hides a surprisingly kind smile beneath his tough exterior.

If you’re a fan of isekai tales with unexpected twists and fake engagement plots, then this manhwa is an absolute must-read for you!

7) My Gently Raised Beast

“My Gently Raised Beast” is an amazing romance manhwa that you can find in stores today. It’s a delightful fantasy romance story about a girl who has a surprising encounter with a talking cat, only to find out he’s actually a boy!

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
My Gently Raised Beast (Credit: Webtoon)

Similar to “A Business Proposal,” you can get “My Gently Raised Beast” in paperback. But here’s the cool part: all the chapters are also available on Webtoon.

However, there’s a catch you’ll need to use a Daily Pass, which means you can read one chapter per day to enjoy the entire story. So get ready for a charming tale filled with romance, fantasy, and unexpected twists!

8) Operation: True Love

Operation True Love is a wonderful high school romance manhwa about Su-ae Shim, a regular student.

Su-ae’s life gets a twist when she finds Jellypop, a talking flip phone that loves to chat about her love life. It’s like fate has a surprise in store for her!

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
Operation True Love (Credit: Webtoon)

Follow Su-ae as she explores the highs and lows of high school romance, with Jellypop by her side, offering advice, fun, and maybe even a bit of trouble.

Discover the laughter, the tears, and the sweet moments that make “Operation True Love” a charming and heartwarming tale of teenage love.

9) The Dangerous Convenience

In this mature-rated, steamy romance manhwa, we follow the story of Yeo Eui-joon, a college student working the late-night shift at a convenience store.

For Eui-joon, the graveyard shift isn’t the most exciting job, but the pay is decent. Most customers come and go without much fuss.

However, things take an unexpected turn when a tall, handsome gangster named Gunwoo starts showing up. He seems to have a soft spot for Eui-joon and is always there to defend him from any troublemakers.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
The Dangerous Convenience (Credit: Lezhin )

Could this chance encounter lead to something more for both of them?  Follow along as Eui-joon and Gunwoo navigate the complexities of attraction, desire, and the unexpected twists that life brings their way in this sizzling romance manhwa.

10) Dawn of the Dragon

Yoo Taehyuk, the heir to his family’s prestigious business, finds himself in an unexpected situation when he decides to stand in for his sister and meet the Yoo family’s revered patron deity.

A powerful dragon named Hyo-un. What starts as a simple obligation soon takes a thrilling turn as Taehyuk and Hyo-un develop a bond that neither of them anticipated.

As their worlds collide, Taehyuk discovers a side of himself he never knew existed, drawn to the enigmatic and alluring presence of Hyo-un.

10 Best Romance Manhwa You Should Read Today
Dawn of the Dragon (Credit: Lezhin )

Dawn of the Dragon unfolds into a captivating and steamy romance manhwa, delving into the depths of desire, loyalty, and the forbidden allure of their newfound connection.

Join Taehyuk and Hyo-un on their exhilarating journey as they navigate the complexities of love, duty, and the powerful forces that bind them together.

Honorable Mention

Linaria by Hiroya