100% Of Drew Mclntyre’s Wrestlemania 40 Mishap Was Actual

The current World Heavyweight Champion, Drew McIntyre, faced an unforeseen setback in the run-up to WrestleMania 40: his ring gear vanished during shipping. Although some were skeptical at first, this accident proved to be completely real.

Things were quickly arranged to make things right and guarantee McIntyre would have the right clothes for his championship bout against Seth Rollins.

Drew Mcintyre (Credit: ESPN)

Real-Life Drama on the Ring

Notwithstanding this obstacle, McIntyre’s triumph over Rollins at WrestleMania 40 was a noteworthy event that resonated as a heartwarming tale in the professional wrestling community. McIntyre had been a key player in WWE during the pandemic, and his victory at WrestleMania highlighted his significance to the company.

Nevertheless, McIntyre’s joy was fleeting. Damian Priest became involved in a violent incident that swiftly developed throughout the event after a confrontation with CM Punk.

Priest took advantage of the confusion by pulling out his Money in the Bank bag for an unplanned title shot. Fans were in amazement when McIntyre unexpectedly lost his crown.

McIntyre had made reference to the gear incident in public before the event, perhaps incorporating it into the backstory of his role. However, Jason Baker stated in a tweet that the incident was real. McIntyre’s wife had verified the veracity of the situation by working nonstop through the night to fabricate substitute equipment.

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre (Credit: ESPN)

McIntyre is steadfast in his resolve to get the title back. Fans can’t wait for the next exciting chapter in this compelling story of triumph over adversity of professional wrestling as he sets his eyes on Damian Priest.