20 Best Howl Cosplay From Howl’s Moving Castle

The article highlights the top 20 Howl cosplays from the iconic film “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Released in 2004, this film remains a beloved classic, showcasing some of Hayao Miyazaki’s finest work under the banner of Studio Ghibli.

“Howl’s Moving Castle,” available on Netflix, narrates the enchanting story of Sophie, a young girl, and Howl, a wizard. Their dynamic has captivated fans worldwide, inspiring many to cosplay these characters. Cosplaying is both a profession and an art form that demands precision and creativity.

In this feature, we’ll focus exclusively on Howl’s character, exploring some of the most impressive interpretations of his character by cosplayers worldwide. Let’s dive into the best Howl cosplays from across the globe without further ado.

20 Best Howl Cosplay From Howl’s Moving Castle


The cosplay done over here is of a world-class level. Every detail is inch-perfect. The cosplayer did the homework properly and produced a live Howl, which people love. It had to be on the list.

Howl Cosplay By Hakken


Everyone loves Howl and Sophie together. Even though the Howl cosplay is a focus, but Sophie’s cosplay is also good. The Howl looks like a romantic hero, just like the movie anime.

Alyson Tabbitha
Howl Cosplay By Alyson Tabbitha


Sorano Suzu is one of those cosplayers who portray everything perfectly. The Howl cosplay is very good, and with that perfect black hair, everything looks nice.

Sorano Suzu
Howl Cosplay By Sorano Suzu


It caught my eye because this cosplay is done by a girl while the character is a boy. But even if we look carefully, no one can find anything to complain about.

Holly Molly
Howl Cosplay By Holly Molly


Hizuki Aya is cosplaying the humane side of Howl. Being a wizard, people think him to be wicked. But in reality, he is good. That side is portrayed over here.

Hizuki Aya
Howl Cosplay By Hizuki Aya


To be honest, this is my personal favorite. The background matches the anime, and the characters are just a pleasure to the eyes. Nikita did a good job in cosplaying Howl.

Nikita Cosplay
Howl Cosplay By Nikita Cosplay


Even though he is Russian, the Japanese culture is not unknown to him. His Howl cosplay is top-notch, and the background matches his outfit.

Howl Cosplay By Kholodok


This is the second female cosplayer on this list. Julia’s dress as Howl is very good except for the hair color. She experimented with the character in a good way, and her effort is appreciated. Howl should be a proud wizard.

Howl Cosplay By Julialivesonprayer


The cloak in this cosplay is nice and even has the same texture length. Prince Artoria’s Howl cosplay is without a margin of error and shows his true cosplaying ideal.

Prince Artoria
Howl Cosplay By Prince Artoria


One of the two Howl cosplay in this list is a bit different. It was when Howl was transforming. It had to be on the list. The dress is perfectly going with the cosplay, and viewers will enjoy it.

Julchen Blog Welt
Howl Cosplay By Julchen Blog Welt

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Every one of the cosplay is better in their way. But Lil Sophie might be a bit cuter with the entry of grandma. It also has calcifer edited into the picture.

Howl Cosplay By Lilsophie


The girls are giving a competition to the boys in the cosplaying Howl. Sasha Dee is one of those professional cosplayers who is a natural Howl. That smirk on the face is of a real wizard.

Howl Cosplay By SashaDee


The calcifer in his hand and the locket steal the show. Joshi might be the best at doing his homework.

Joshie Takashima
Howl Cosplay By Joshie Takashima


Howl and Calcifer together in a fun cosplay. After all the serious cosplays, a funny cosplay will light everyone’s mood.

Howl Cosplay By MarcoVerona86


It is a half-transformed Howl. Tim’s makeup is up to the point, and his smile signifies the wizard’s character. He has his page on Flickr.

Tim White
Howl Cosplay By Tim White


The professionalism of a cosplayer lies in his every cosplay. The Howl cosplay is also not an exception. The serious expression is portrayed perfectly.

Kevin Oinky
Howl Cosplay By Kevin Oinky


Another female cosplayer on the list. The hair, shirt, locket, and even the expression. This is a perfect Howl cosplay done by a female cosplayer.

Howl Cosplay By Techngotic


This is the second transformed cosplay in this list. Howl looks dangerous in this cosplay and might scare its critics. That is the level of perfection.

Howl Cosplay By John


The cosplay, along with the picture, is very beautiful. It leaves its mark on the viewers. There is no margin of error in this cosplay.

Weian Vann
Howl Cosplay By Weian Vann


The last one on the list is a modern Howl. Hayao Miyazaki might like the idea of Howl with a phone. The cosplayer did a fine job.

Howl Cosplay By Fanastyfinder