20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024

Seinen is a demographic of anime that is marketed to men between the ages of 18 and 40. One Punch Man and Tokyo Ghoul are considered top-tier seinen anime, and both of them fall under the seinen demographic.

Even though there are not many seinen anime in the winter 2024 season lineup, the year has only started. So, hopefully, in the next season, we could get some Seinen anime announcements.

The Apothecary Diaries and Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead are among viewers’ top favorite seinen anime. If you are just exploring some seinen anime, then we have the best anime recommendation for you.

There are plenty of seinen anime to look out for, but if you are interested in more mature themes, then we highly suggest watching some of the best seinen anime.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024 (Credit: Gekkou & Felix Film)

There are some seinen anime that never go out of trend, even though they were released decades ago, like Monster, One Punch Man, and Mushi Shi.

But we will suggest that you watch some of the latest and best seinen anime that you can watch in January 2024.

This winter 2024 season has a few amazing seinen anime in the lineup too, like The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil and Delicious in Dungeon. Here’s the best Seinen anime that you can watch in January 2024.

1) The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil

Akutsu Masatora, a demon, disguised himself as a human and joined a high school as a new transfer student. He fell in love with Lily Amane, the prettiest girl in his class.

He ended up saving Lily from getting hit by a vehicle and blowing up his cover in the process. Since Lily did not react negatively, he decided to tell her that he was a demon.

So, he came to the human realm on a business mission to find a charismatic leader who could motivate the people in hell.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil (Credit: Children’s Playground Entertainment)

2) The Apothecary Diaries

Maomao, a 17-year-old teenage girl, got kidnapped while returning on her way from delivering medicines.

She was sold to the rear palace, a place where many women were gathered to give birth to the emperor’s children.

Men were not allowed to enter the palace. The only people allowed in the palace were the emperor and his kin.

Maomao started working in the palace as a servant for the first three months. But she later gets promoted as a poison taster for one of the precious consorts of the emperor.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil (Credit: OLM & TOHO animation)

3) Delicious in Dungeon

Laios Thorden and his team members got teleported to the past after getting eaten by the dragon and losing their most important battle.

But unfortunately, all their inventory was left behind, all except the gear on their backs. On top of that, all two of their party members decided to quit.

Raiding dungeons took money, and the cost of party members, gear, and food could get expensive. They decided to get all their food from their dungeon, as it was full of monsters. So Laios was confident that they had an ecosystem in it.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Delicious in Dungeon (Credit: Trigger)

4) Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Akira Tendou started working in a company’s production department after graduating from college. On his first day, all the employees seemed very lively, and the company atmosphere was great.

Akira thought he was fortunate that he landed a job in a production company, the industry he always dreamed of.

He was very excited about his new job and had many hopes and aspirations. But all his hopes were crushed when he had to pull an all-nighter on his first day at work.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead (Credit: BUG FILMS)

5) The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

After going through 100 rejections, Rentarou Aijou’s family decided to give up on romance altogether. He went to a shrine to pray to the love of God for an amazing high school love life.

So that he could finally find a girlfriend for himself and ultimately live a high school life filled with joy. Unexpectedly, the god of the shrine appeared from the donation box and surprised Rentarou. The god informed Rentarou that he would find the girl of his dreams in high school.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You (Credit: Bibury Animation Studios)

6) The Witch and the Beast

The 17 original witches, known as the original witches, had always stood at the pinnacle of sorcery since the days of yore.

They had a mighty lineage that inherited all of their magical power, craft, and knowledge. They turned to the witches, who sometimes aided people and sometimes cursed them.

People could only undo a witch’s curse through two methods. The first one is by receiving a loving kiss from Prince Charming, and the other way is by changing the heart of the hateful witch.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
The Witch and the Beast (Credit: Yokohama Animation Lab)

7) Tengoku Daimakyo

Maru and Kiruko went on a hunt for treasure since the neighborhood they were roaming around did not seem too messed up.

The two of them decided to find houses that had been broken into. They finally found a locked house, decided to break in, and found a dead body inside the house.

After getting hit by a massive disaster, Japan lost its human population. The few remaining humans try their best to somehow survive the monsters who are lurking in their society. Maru and Kiruko, two unwinding individuals, set out on their journey to find heaven.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Tengoku Daimakyo (Credit: Production I.G)

8) Insomniacs after school

Ganta Nakami, a high school student, struggles with insomatism because of his past trauma. He often sleeps during his classes, but one day, he is asked by his classmates to grab some boxes from the 4th floor.

Since the boxes were located near what the students called the haunted observatory, everyone avoided going on that floor. Nakami went to get the boxes but noticed that the door of the observatory was open.

He went inside to check in and found his classmate Isaki Magari had been using the room to catch her sleep. The two of them formed a friendship after joining the astronomical club to use the observatory to catch their sleep during school hours.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Insomniacs After School (Credit: LIDENFILMS )

9) Migi&Dali

Identical twins Migi and Dali fool a middle-aged couple, Osamu and Youko Sonoyama, and get adopted into their family.

However, the couple was not aware that, even though they adopted one child, the other twin was living under their roof without their knowledge.

Migi and Dali make a plan to take revenge on the person who killed their birth mother. The twins work together to execute their plan and find the killer of their birth mother while pretending to live the life of a loving child called Hitori under the roof of the Sonoyama family.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Migi&Dali (Credit: GEEKTOYS & CompTown)

10) A Galaxy Next Door

Ichirou Kuga takes on the role of a responsible guardian after his parents are away. Leaving behind his two younger siblings and him on their own, Ichirou took up the job of a shojo manga artist after graduating high school.

He acts like a responsible adult for his siblings, even though he lost his parents at a young age, too. But since he did not have anyone to rely on apart from his friends and his cousin. Ichirou spent all his time inside his room for his work until assistant Shiori Goshiki showed up at his door.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
A Galaxy Next Door (Credit: Asahi Production)

11) Handyman Saitou in Another World

Saitou works as a handyman around the town, even though he is very competent at his job, and he always helps out people in need.

People underpay him and accuse him of overcharging. Because of that, Saitou always feels unfulfilled. Saitou is transported into a different world where people appreciate his hard work, and he feels fulfilled.

He joins a party and goes hunting with his members. Even though the journey was not easy for an ordinary human like Saitou, he always supported his members and looked out for them in times of need.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Handyman Saitou in Another World (Credit: C2C)

12) Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible

Junta Shiraishi, a high school student, had less presence than his classmates. He realized that when they edited his pictures in the yearbook photo, they thought he was not there.

Everyone wants to live life to the fullest during adolescence. But there was no way for him to achieve that since he was considered invisible.

It was difficult for other people to acknowledge his presence. Even though he was always around people, he always went unnoticed. That was his life, but fortunately, his classmate Nagisa Kubo always managed to spot him in the crowd.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible (Credit: PINE JAM)

13) TenPuru

Akemitsu Akegami’s father always told her he could never live alone. He wanted to make him understand that he was a member of the Akegami family. He always had to be surrounded by many people.

Akemitsu’s father left him at a young age to pursue his polyamorous lifestyle. As a child, Akemitsu perceived that his father was a cool person for pursuing his goals.

However, after growing up, he understood the kind of life his father was living back then. He makes up his mind to never go down that lane. But one day, an encounter with a beautiful girl makes him question his decision.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
TenPuru (Credit: Gekkou)

14) Dead Mount Death Play

A necromancer, Corpse God dies during an intense battle with Shagrua Lugrid, who was considered the church’s secret weapon.

A mighty veteran who had already killed many people. The Corpse God gets reincarnated as a young Japanese Polka Shinoyama.

He could not remember much because of his hazy memory. But he recalls that he cast a spell back then and accidentally activated it.

He wakes up in an alley on a Japanese street. God could not accept his body and his identity after gaining consciousness. He finds himself with an odd girl named Misaki Sakimiya, who turns out to be a serial killer.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Dead Mount Death Play (Credit: GEEKTOYS)

15) MF Ghost

Environmental concerns and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels led to the cessation of the manufacture of cars with combustion engines.

As a result, high-powered sports cars have become an endangered species. It increased the popularity of motorsports in Japan; they had millions of global subscribers.

They were able to achieve explosive popularity; the only regulation was the uniform grip-to-weight ratio. It resulted in some no-hold-barred white knuckle racing.

Everyone wished to see the MFG races in person, but they did not let spectators line the route, so it was impossible.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
MF Ghost (Credit: Felix Film)

16) Under Ninja

One morning, a career ninja went to meet a high schooler, Kurou Kumogakure, at his home. He mentioned to Kurou that many noncareer ninjas had been failing to get any jobs.

There were even rumors that someone was making a break for it. But despite that, the career ninjas had been making the rounds to check on them.

He proposed to him a job opportunity, and he had to infiltrate a school for his first mission. After enrolling in the school, Kurou found out the upper brass wanted to deal with the MHLW’s rear-enders.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Under Ninja (Credit: Tezuka Productions)

17) Skip and Loafer

Fifteen-year-old Mitsumi Iwakura moved in with her father’s sibling to continue her high school in Tokyo. She has clear goals for her future, like going to Tokyo University, attending school, and graduating as a valedictorian.

She wanted to join the Ministry of Internal Affairs and build a career, thereby providing key solutions to rural depopulation.

After retiring, she wanted to return to her hometown and become mayor there by using the knowledge she gained from her career to improve their finances.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Skip and Loafer (Credit: P.A. Works)

18) My Home Hero

Tetsuo Tosu met his daughter Reika for lunch, but her disguise concerned him. He asked her to take off her hat and glasses, and he found bruises all over her face.

But he suspected that Reika was getting beaten up by her boyfriend. So Reika left in the middle of the meeting. Tetsuo decided to investigate Reika’s boyfriend to find out if she was a victim of domestic violence.

He was following Reika’s boyfriend but got caught by a guy. He ended up getting into a fight and killing Reika’s friend.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
My Home Hero (Credit: Tezuka Productions)

19) My Tiny Senpai

Shinozaki worked with her senior, Shiori Katase, who was very tiny and cute. She always helps out her juniors and gets along well with them.

One day, Shinozaki offered a massage to Shiori as her body felt creaky after working at a desk for too long. Later, he realized that it was very inappropriate.

The two of them often ended up getting involved in awkward situations. However, Shiori always motivated him to do better at work by always supporting him. Shinozaki always comforted her with his presence at work and after work.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
My Tiny Senpai (Credit: Project No.9)

20) Ao no Orchestra

Hajime Aono could not escape from the four strings and from the sound that he played. Just remembering it always made his heart race. He loved the sound of his music and those days.

Ever since he was little, Hajime has never been good at sports. His father made sure he never paid attention to those games.

20 Best Seinen Anime To Watch In January 2024
Ao no Orchestra (Credit: Nippon Animation)

For a violinist, fingers were their life, but he did not mind. He did not hate it as a child, and his father was a professional violinist.

So he loved the violin and listening to his father play. But everything changed after his father’s affair scandal, until one day, he heard his classmate Ritsuko Akine play her violin.