A Killer Paradox Review: Netflix’s New South Korean Hit

“A Killer Paradox,” Netflix’s new South Korean series, blends crime, thriller, and comedy genres, offering a unique take on the serial killer narrative.

The show, reminiscent of Dexter, introduces Tang, a character whose foolish decisions add a comedic element to the crime and thriller plot.

The series takes an unconventional turn as Tang accidentally (in self-defense) kills the serial killer, setting off a chain of events in its eight-hour-long episodes. For fans of South Korean productions, A Killer Paradox promises an engaging experience.

Written by Kim Da-min, who adapted the webtoon, and directed by Lee Chang-hee, the series doesn’t aim for profound exploration.

Choi Woo-Shik as Lee Tang (Credits: Netflix)

Tang, a lifelong victim of bullying, gains a sense of empowerment after discovering his first victim’s criminal history. This revelation propels him to identify and eliminate other murderers, believing his actions are justified.

The show revolves around Tang’s accidental or deliberate killings and the relentless pursuit by Nan-gam, a determined detective.

While complications arise, such as encounters with witnesses, the series follows the classic cop-chases-killer storyline.

The depth of the narrative remains uncertain. It’s unclear if the show will delve into Tang’s life or explore Nan-gam’s tenacity as a cop.

Currently, the focus lies on Tang’s active mind and Nan-gam’s gum-chewing habit. While the potential for deeper exploration exists, A Killer Paradox may remain a captivating cop-killer pursuit story.

Our Rating: 4/5