Actor Faces Backlash for Climbing Cherry Blossom Tree for Photo

Actor Choi Sung-joon sparked controversy after posting a photo on Instagram of himself climbing a cherry blossom tree while enjoying the spring weather on April 10th. The actor faced criticism from netizens and fellow celebrities who expressed concern over the potential damage to the tree caused by his actions.

Comments from fellow celebrities, including Super Junior’s Yesung and ClickB’s Kim Sang-hyuk, highlighted the perceived inappropriate behavior, with Kim Sang-hyuk even jokingly stating, “You’re reported.”

Despite the backlash, Choi Sung-joon initially remained silent but later responded with an Instagram post showing his hand gently touching the cherry blossom tree, accompanied by an apology. He captioned the photo, “I’m truly sorry, tree. I’ll live with more love and care for trees.”

Choi Sung-Joon clicked a picture of cherry blossom tree (Credits: WikiTree)

Amid the controversy, OSEN reported on Choi Sung-joon’s contract status, revealing that his exclusive contract with Keyeast had expired several years ago, raising questions about his current agency affiliation.

Choi Sung-Joon, known for his academic achievements as a graduate of Seoul National University with a major in Physical Education and membership in the Mensa Club boasting an IQ of 156, has had a notable career in commercials and dramas since his debut in 2003.

Actor Choi Sung-Joon (Credits: WikiTree)

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental awareness and responsible behaviour, even in seemingly innocent actions like taking photographs amidst nature’s beauty.