Actress Mistaken For Kim Soo-hyun’s Mother Due To Resemblance To Kim Ji-won

Amidst the buzz surrounding the hit drama “Queen of Tears,” netizens stumbled upon an old photo featuring Kim Soo-Hyun alongside a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Kim Ji-won. Speculations ensued, with humorous rumors suggesting that the woman was Kim Soo-hyun’s mother, hinting at a potential connection between the co-stars.

However, the truth behind the photo reveals a different story. The woman in question is actress Zhang Tian-ai, who collaborated with Kim Soo-hyun on a film project titled “Cherry Blossom” during his early career days. Zhang Tian-ai’s appearance alongside Kim Soo-Hyun in this photo led to amusing misconceptions, especially given their similar visuals at that time.

Kim Soo-Hyun and Zhang Tian-ai in “Cherry Blossom” (Credits: Kbizoom)

Contrary to the fanciful rumors, Zhang Tian-ai’s journey in the entertainment industry took her back to China, where she pursued acting and furthered her career as a commercial actress. While the photo captured a moment from Kim Soo-hyun’s earlier years as an aspiring actor, its recent resurgence sparked lighthearted speculation in the online community.

Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won are a couple in “Queen of Tears” (Credits: tvN)

Although the photo may have created an optical illusion, drawing comparisons between Zhang Tian-ai and Kim Ji-won, it’s clear that the resemblance was a coincidence. Zhang Tian-ai’s evolution as an actress and her distinct career path highlight the intriguing stories that emerge from the entertainment world’s interconnected relationships.