aespa’s Karina Sparks Controversy with ‘Send Nudes’ Shirt

aespa’s Karina has sparked a wave of mixed reactions online with her recent Instagram photos celebrating the arrival of spring. Initially admired for her radiant appearance and stylish outfit, fans soon took notice of a controversial detail on her crop top.

The photos, featuring Karina posing gracefully under blossoming trees at night, showcase her in oversized overalls paired with a white crop top adorned with the phrase “send nudes” spelled out in sparkly silver dots. Given Karina’s proficiency in English, fans speculate that she understood the message and intended it as a playful or ironic statement.

Karina’s controversial crop top (Credits: @katarinabluu/Instagram)

However, concerns quickly arose among some viewers who worried that the shirt’s message could be misinterpreted, particularly by those unfamiliar with the slang term. Some fans took to humour, jokingly advising Karina to avoid checking her direct messages for the foreseeable future.

Despite the minor controversy surrounding the shirt’s wording, the majority of comments on Karina’s post continue to be overwhelmingly positive, with fans showering her with compliments on her beauty and effortless sense of style.

Karina’s beauty and fashion sense praised despite controversy (Credits: @katarinabluu/Instagram)

The post gained additional traction after being shared on an online forum, sparking further discussions and debates among fans regarding the appropriateness of the shirt’s message.

Karina, known for her poise and grace, has not publicly addressed the controversy. Nevertheless, her loyal fans remain supportive, focusing on celebrating her talents and fashion choices amidst the online chatter.