aespa’s Winter Undergoes Surgery For Pneumothorax: Will She Return To Activities On Schedule?

aespa’s Winter recently underwent surgery for pneumothorax at a prominent hospital in Seoul, as reported by Ten Asia on April 12. Pneumothorax is a condition where air or gas accumulates in the space between the lung and chest cavity, potentially causing lung collapse.

Despite her health concerns, Winter fulfilled her schedule in Japan with aespa before undergoing surgery. The group appeared on the popular Japanese music program “Venue 101” shortly before Winter’s medical procedure.

Looking ahead, aespa is preparing for a world tour starting in June, alongside plans for a comeback in May. Winter’s recovery will be important in determining her participation in these upcoming activities.

Aespa’s Winter (Credits: @imwinter/Instagram)

Typically, pneumothorax surgery requires hospitalization for 2 to 3 days, with full recovery expected in one to two months. However, depending on Winter’s recovery progress, there should be no significant obstacles to her joining comeback promotions and the scheduled world tour.

Fans eagerly anticipate updates on Winter’s recovery and remain hopeful for her swift return to Aespa’s activities.