After 4/9 WWE NXT, Roxanne Perez Says She No Longer Needs Her Heroes

In the NXT Women’s division, Roxanne Perez has become a notable figure by demonstrating her skills and winning matches on both RAW and NXT. Her latest victories demonstrate her dominance as the NXT Women’s Champion and represent a major career turning point.

Everything started at NXT Stand & Deliver, where Perez defeated Lyra Valkyria to win the NXT Women’s Championship for the second time. Building on this achievement, Perez made her RAW debut, defeating Indi Hartwell with yet another commanding win.

Roxanne Perez (Credit: ESPN)

Roxanne Perez Asserts Dominance as NXT Women’s Champion

On the WWE NXT program airing on April 9, Perez successfully defended her championship against Natalya despite interference by Lola Vice. This continued the momentum. Perez discussed her recent triumph and affirmed her independence from her heroes in an NXT Digital Exclusive.

Thinking back on her experience, Perez remembered asking Natalya for advice during an episode of “Total Divas” nine years prior. Natalya’s remark disappointed Perez, who came to the realization that she was no longer in need of her heroes.

She asserted her independence by saying that her title and herself were all she needed. Reinterpreting her win over Natalya as a metaphorical victory.

“I begged Natalya to offer me advice after seeing a young, naive Roxanne Perez on “Total Divas” nine years ago. What did Natalya do for me when I requested her to show me the steps to become a WWE Superstar? Nothing. Nothing.

Roxanne Perez
Roxanne Perez (Credit: ESPN)

What, then did I do? I’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer require any of my idols nine years later. I must have Natalya. Everything I need is me, myself, and my title. Tonight, ‘The Boat’ hit ‘The Prodigy,’ and it sank.”

As fans eagerly anticipate Perez’s future as NXT Women’s Champion, her evolving heel character adds intrigue to her reign, leaving audiences invested in her journey to the top.