After the disappointing change in Season 3, Outer Banks Season 4 faces a new challenge

When the future episodes of Outer Banks premiere, the television series will face a challenge it has never faced after the divisive third season. Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, the action-adventure mystery drama series on Netflix had its premiere in April 2020 and has been a ratings powerhouse for the streaming service ever since.

But while seasons 1 and 2 were enormous hits overall, the third season, which debuted in February 2023, had a major problem in one particular area. With season 4, the program now has an opportunity to make amends.

A few days before the premiere of season 3, Netflix showed how much faith it had in the teen drama by renewing Outer Banks for a fourth season. The streaming service didn’t wait to find out what viewers and critics thought of the episodes or how well they would do when they were released.

Outer Banks ( Credit: Netflix)

Luckily, season 3 maintained the show’s stellar record of high viewing and ratings on Netflix, demonstrating that the decision to renew for a fourth season by the corporation was the right one. Sadly, Outer Banks experienced a shocking letdown in terms of viewer reaction to the episodes during season 3.

After Season 3, Outer Banks Season 4 Needs to Make Up for the First Poor Rotten Tomatoes Score for the Series

Rotten Tomatoes gave the first two seasons of Outer Banks strong ratings; season 1 scored 74 percent, while season 2 evened that high at 86 percent (and they both had good audience scores).

The mystery adolescent drama series on Netflix, however, received its first “Rotten” grade in season three, scoring 56% on the Tomatometer. Its audience score is also not much better, coming in at 62%.

For the first time, Outer Banks earned more mixed to unfavorable reviews than good ones in season three, despite the first two seasons having been widely appreciated by critics and audiences.

Outer Banks season 3 debuted to enormous viewing and rating totals, so it’s understandable that the low Rotten Tomatoes score is disheartening, especially considering how much better seasons 1 and 2 fared on the review website.

Season 4 must so overcome this setback and restore the program’s caliber. Luckily, the last finale successfully set up the forthcoming episodes.

The fact that a large number of season 3 episodes were located outside of the Outer Banks contributed to the general aimlessness of the show, which infuriated many viewers.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks (Credit: Netflix)

A show that takes its name from a particular place ought to center around that place. Finding Blackbeard’s wealth, which is hidden someplace in or near the Outer Banks, is the man’s aim, but the season 3 finale leaped ahead 18 months after El Dorado was discovered.

The treasure quest in Outer Banks season 4 will keep the Pogues in North Carolina, which should lead to the show’s return to stellar Rotten Tomatoes ratings.