Ahsoka’s White Lightsabers Suggest She Had Other Masters Besides Anakin

Ahsoka Tano’s possession of dual white lightsabers suggests a significant period of her life where she likely received teachings outside of her Jedi training under Anakin Skywalker.

These unique weapons featured prominently in “Star Wars Rebels” and are anticipated to play a crucial role in the upcoming live-action series focusing on Ahsoka, carrying a profound significance tied to a mysterious phase in her journey.

Departing from the Jedi Order before the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka managed to survive the cataclysmic events of Order 66 and found herself navigating the treacherous era known as the Dark Times.

It was during this tumultuous period that she first wielded her distinct white lightsabers, a departure from her previous green ones. The origin of these white lightsabers can be traced back to a fateful confrontation with the Sixth Brother, an Imperial Inquisitor dispatched by Darth Vader to hunt down and eliminate any remaining Jedi.

Ahsoka’s White Lightsabers Suggest She Had Other Masters Besides Anakin

In her encounter with the Sixth Brother, Ahsoka demonstrated a rare and remarkable Force technique: the purification of kyber crystals. This technique involved cleansing the kyber crystals from the Inquisitor’s corrupted lightsaber, transforming them from their dark red hue to a pristine white colour.

Ahsoka (Credit: Disney+)

However, the source of Ahsoka’s knowledge of this purification technique remains shrouded in mystery. This particular ability is not commonly associated with the teachings of the Jedi Order, suggesting that Ahsoka may have sought guidance from unconventional sources during her exile.

The process of kyber crystal purification is an ancient and esoteric art attributed to the Fallanassi, a group of Force-sensitive individuals known for their expertise in healing corrupted kyber crystals. While the Jedi possessed limited knowledge of this technique, it was not a practice widely taught or practised within their ranks.

Recent developments in the Star Wars comics have shed light on the Fallanassi and their skills, revealing that even Luke Skywalker sought their aid in purifying a red kyber crystal.

It is plausible to theorize that Ahsoka, during her period of solitude and survival in the Dark Times, may have encountered a member of the Fallanassi who imparted upon her the knowledge of kyber crystal purification.

Such a mentorship could provide insight into the origins of her white lightsabers and fill the gaps in her history during this tumultuous period.

Ahsoka (Credit: Disney+)

While speculative, the idea of Ahsoka receiving guidance from a Fallanassi mentor offers an intriguing narrative avenue to explore. It adds depth to her character’s journey and enriches her interactions during this turbulent time in the galaxy.

As the Star Wars saga continues to expand and explore untold stories, Ahsoka Tano remains a compelling figure ripe for further exploration. Whether through animated series, live-action ventures, or other mediums, there is ample opportunity to uncover the secrets of Ahsoka’s past and the influences that shaped her into the formidable Force user she became.