Ahyeon Revels In success As BABYMONSTER Makes A Comeback

Ahyeon has at last made her eagerly anticipated debut with BABYMONSTER, contributing to the group’s inaugural mini album, ‘BABYMONS7ER.’

Although Ahyeon was absent during BABYMONSTER’s debut due to health concerns, her recent addition has garnered considerable interest, propelling her to rapid popularity.

Since her debut, fancam videos of her performances on different music shows have quickly accumulated thousands of views upon release.

Korean netizens and fans were impressed with Ahyeon’s popularity and commented,

  • “There are so many idols who don’t have the talent but make their debut thanks to the connections of their label. That’s why when a genuinely talented and mature young idol debuts, people take notice. Even though I’m not particularly fond of 4th generation girl groups, I really hope Ahyeon succeeds.”
Ahyeon (Credit: The Economic Times)
  • “She’s so good at performing.”
  • “I’m not her fan but I found the part where she throws the piercing really cool so I watched that part again.”
  • “Wow she’s getting over 500K views in a day as soon as she debuted.”
  • “She looks so cute when she smiles at her fans in between performances.”