Anime Movie A Few Moments of Cheers Reveals Main Trailer and Visual, June 14 Premiere

A Few Moments of Cheers, a CG anime movie themed around music video production, will start screening in Japan on June 14. A main trailer and a main visual have been released as well.

The theme song “CYAN” by Frederic is previewed in the trailer, which also provides a look at the characters and premise of A Few Moments of Cheers.

Two more cast members were also announced: Yuuma Uchida as Daisuke Tonosaki, a friend of the male protagonist Kanata Asaya, and Fuuka Izumi as Moemi Nakagawa, a classmate of Kanata’s.

A Few Moments of Cheers was announced in January with 3DCG software Blender being advertised as the main production tool. The story revolves around Kanata (Natsuki Hanae), a high school student who is hooked on music video production, and the teacher Yuu Orie (Mariya Ise, singing voice Kei Sugawara). Asaya is moved by a street performance by Orie and desires to produce a video for her, but Orie has given up on the path of music.

The movie is a co-production between the Hurray! creative team and 100studio. The former consists of director Popurika, assistant director Ohajiki, and art director Magotsuki. This is Hurray!’s first theatrical production following various short-form projects, including the ending animation sequence for Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie



• Scriptwriter: Jukki Hanada (series of composer of Sengoku Youko, A Place Further Than The UniverseBloom into You)
• Song composition: VIVI

Source: @yellmovie_2024