Asako Chapter 19: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Masashi discovered that Asa was still in the previous chapter. Readers are curious to find out how Masashi would find out about Asa in Asako Chapter 19.

Sayaka was thinking about giving a gift to Fujiyama Senpai, but Masashi’s fever had gone down. Their mother asked him to join them for breakfast, and Masashi noticed that Asa was acting just as usual.

Masashi was wondering if it was all a dream. But he thought that dream was a bit odd, and his father brought a gift for Masashi from the amusement park.

Masashi looked at his gift and realized that the gift had nothing to do with an amusement park. Sayaka informed him she had brought cookies for him.

She mentioned that he should be more grateful that she had a sister like him. Masashi reminded her that it was their parents’ money.

Asako (Credits: Dokodemo Young Champion)

Asa told Masashi the flower bud was growing bigger. She told him she was wondering if she was going to bloom soon.

Masashi told her he was hoping that it would turn blue because that was his favorite color. Sayaka called Asa to tell her she was going to buy some stationary sets and asked Asa to come with her.

Masashi told Sayaka she should go by herself. Sayaka requested that Asa tell her how to write a letter to a boy. Asa told her she did not mind teaching her that.

Masashi felt very uncomfortable, and he did not want Asa to go with Sayaka. But she went anyway, and Asa told Sayaka she was planning to write a letter, too.

Sayaka was excited. She was wondering who would receive Asa’s letter. Asa told her it was a secret, and Masashi decided to follow the girls too.

They went to the nearest stationary store. Sayaka was looking at some cool stationary sets. But Asa told her they looked a bit childish, and Masashi got excited after finding the battle pencils.

He wished that he could have them, and Asa heard that he wanted them. She offered to buy them for him because she was guilty.


Sayaka decided to buy her stationery set, and Asa told her it looked perfect. The three of them bought ice cream on their way, and Sayaka asked Asa how long she was planning to stay at their place.

Asa told her she did not know that yet, and Masashi told Asa he wished that she could stay with them forever. Sayaka told him Asa would have to pay rent to stay with them, and Masashi told her they should let her stay for free.

Sayaka advised him to stop dreaming. Masashi was wondering if Asa was planning to send her letter to which guy.

Masashi wished that Asa would write a letter for him. Sayaka told Masashi he was making some gross expressions.

Asako Chapter 19: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap
Asako (Credits: Dokodemo Young Champion)

Sayaka asked Asa which color pen she should use to write her letter. She thought since she was writing the letter for a boy, she should use blue. Asa told her light blue would be too hard to read.

Sayaka told her it looked more stylish, and Masashi noticed that Asa was coughing. He assumed that she must have caught a cold.

Asa said her throat was a bit dry and mentioned that she wanted to eat some candy. Sayaka noticed that Masashi was making a robot. She asked him if he was making that for his homework.

She teased him that it looked very childish and mentioned that Fujimura Senpai was different from the other boys. 

Release Date & Where To Read

Asako Chapter 19 will be released on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 9:30 AM JST. The international schedule is as follows:

  • Canada Time: 7:30  PM on Tuesday, February 6, 2024
  • Pacific Time: 4:30 PM on Tuesday, February 6, 2024
  • Australian Time: 11:30 AM on Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  • Greenwich Time: 12:30 AM Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  • Japanese Time: 9:30 AM on Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  • Central Time: 6:30 PM on Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Readers can find Asako Chapter 19 on Raw, which will be available on Dokodemo Young Champion.