Before Season 6, Here Are 5 Cobra Kai Rivalries That Are Still Active

With Cobra Kai season 6, the conflict with Terry Silver appears to have ended, although there are still several ongoing rivalries. Miguel at last made amends with Robby, Sam, and Tory formed a team, and Daniel and Johnny defeated Silver. Cobra Kai ended these major plot arcs, resolving its main conflicts.

However, some are still there. Given how long the dojo conflict between Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai has lasted, ending it may have felt like a necessary step for the program, but leaving certain loose ends in Cobra Kai season 5’s ending was probably best for the overall plot of the show. After all, a third season of the Netflix series is planned.

Mitch vs. Chris

In the fifth season finale of Cobra Kai, a karate rivalry that had been absent from the show’s second and third seasons reappeared. Best buddies Chris and Mitch turned into rivals in season two when the former joined Miyagi-do and quit Johnny and Kreese’s Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai (Credit: Netflix)

Chris and Mitch were thrown against each other several times throughout the bouts between the competing dojos, including the one at the high school.

Although Chris prevailed in the fight, the two groups of kids continued to compete until they made up their minds to go past their differences. Since then, they have remained friends, but Mitch’s betrayal makes it impossible.

Kenny vs. Anthony

Although Daniel’s daughter and Tory may have reconciled, Daniel’s son’s bullying issue remains unresolved. Towards the conclusion of Cobra Kai season 4, Anthony LaRusso’s cruel treatment of Kenny turned him from a victim into a monster.

Kenny’s devotion to Terry Silver appeared to have broken when Cobra Kai season 5 concluded, but there was never a point in the program where it seemed like he was done tormenting Anthony. However, Cobra Kai’s demise was a potential start in that direction.

Daniel vs. Kreese

Perhaps no character in Cobra Kai harbors more unresolved grievances than Kreese. Kreese has an ongoing quarrel with Daniel and Johnny in addition to his beef with Terry Silver. Season 5’s events just made it worse; now that he’s out of the bag, getting duped into divulging information will undoubtedly spur him on.

Not only that, but his last appearance in the fifth season of Cobra Kai hinted that he would be going after the two.

Hawk vs. Kenny

When Hawk and Kenny got into a fight later in the story, what had begun as a heated argument at a pool party in Cobra Kai season 5 escalated to a whole new level. Kenny surprised everyone by defeating the reigning champion of the boy’s division of the All Valley Karate Tournament by using Terry Silver’s special Silver Bullet move.

Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai (Credit: Netflix)

When Cobra Kai returns, Hawk’s ego is probably going to take a hit from this. It makes sense that Kenny and Hawk will need to work things out before they can become allies, even if Kenny ends up joining Johnny and Daniel’s dojo.

Johnny vs. Kreese

The rivalry that the villain has with Daniel is not at all like the one that exists between Johnny and Kreese. Though Kreese has always detested Daniel, he seemed to be very fond of Johnny; in fact, Silver may have been right when he once referred to Johnny as Kreese’s “weakness.”

This makes sense because Kreese tried several times to side with Johnny, even after their breakup. However, the villain was hurt by Johnny’s vow to “erase every mark” Kreese left on him, and this may have affected how Kreese treated Johnny in season 6.

Kreese vs. Terry Silver

John Kreese missed the entire season due to injury, but Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, Chozen Toguchi, and even Mike Barnes all had the chance to actively contribute to Terry Silver’s downfall. That was the extent of his involvement in the fight; he exploited Tory to get engaged in his way.

After Cobra Kai season 4, he makes a pledge to exact revenge on Silver for framing him, but he hasn’t followed through. It’s difficult to believe that Kreese won’t exact retribution in season 6 given how narrow-minded he can be when considering it.