Biden Calls for Ceasefire And Criticizes Israel’s Actions in Gaza

U.S. President Joe Biden criticized Israel’s military actions in Gaza as “over the top” and emphasized the need for a halt in fighting to aid suffering Palestinian civilians. Addressing reporters at the White House, Biden expressed concern over the severity of Israel’s response.

Biden highlighted his efforts to broker a ceasefire, normalize Saudi-Israel relations, and increase humanitarian aid for Palestinians. He urged for an immediate pause in hostilities to facilitate the release of hostages held by Hamas. The president’s remarks signal a departure from previous statements and underscore growing domestic pressure to push for peace.

Israel initiated its offensive following Hamas attacks that resulted in casualties and hostages in southern Israel. The ongoing conflict has led to significant Palestinian casualties and widespread destruction in Gaza. Biden’s call for a ceasefire aligns with international efforts to de-escalate tensions and address humanitarian crises.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia affirmed its stance on diplomatic relations with Israel, linking recognition of an independent Palestinian state to halting Israeli aggression in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state, complicating peace negotiations.

Biden finally openly calls for a permanent ceasefire (Credits: The Times of Israel)

Despite diplomatic efforts, Israeli forces continued airstrikes in Rafah, exacerbating the humanitarian situation. Biden expressed hope that securing the release of hostages could pave the way for a temporary ceasefire and extended peace talks. However, he acknowledged challenges in navigating the complex dynamics of the conflict.

Biden’s response reflects broader concerns about the impact of the conflict on civilians and regional stability. As he seeks re-election, the president faces mounting pressure to address the crisis effectively while balancing domestic and international interests.