BLACKPINK’s Rose Initiates Hunt For Solo Fandom Name And Teases Self-Written Song

Rose from BLACKPINK is preparing for her solo endeavors.

Netizens on an online forum are gushing over Rose’s recent messages posted on her new Broadcast channel on Instagram. She shared a snippet of a new self-written song on her birthday. Many are already labeling this song a “hit,” noting the beautiful melodies even in just a short preview. Titled “Vampirehollie” for now, this heartfelt track is a special gift to her fans, one she’s been crafting since last year.

Blackpink’s Rose is looking for her solo fandom name (Credit: roses_are_rosie/Instgaram)

In addition to her musical pursuits, Rose is also soliciting input from fans for her solo fandom name to establish a unique community for her supporters. She later responded that she is currently “reading through [the fans’] suggestions” for the new fandom name, heightening anticipation for her future updates.

Meanwhile, fellow BLACKPINK members are also embarking on solo ventures, with Lisa spearheading a global advertising campaign for her label, LLOUD.

Some of those comments are- 

  • “I am so happy…Every year on Rose’s birthday we are happier. She always seems to give us a gift.” 
Rose (Credit: allkpop)
  • “I can’t believe that the number of members on her broadcast channel upon opening it has surpassed 200k members already…”
  • “Rose is our real daughter.”
  • “I love the way she updates her fans that she is reading through the fans’ suggestions…”
  • “When will the full version of that song out? It’s so good….will it be out this year!!!?”
  • “Rose’s solo album…Rose’s solo fan meeting…Rose’s solo concert…It’s already sweet”