Blue Lock PWC Developers Offer Big Game Rewards in Global Release

Pre-registration for the global release of the first Blue Lock game, BLUE LOCK Project: World Champion (Blue Lock PWC) is live, allowing fans to rack up large rewards before launch. The rewards have been finalized, offering players massive amounts depending on how many sign up before the official launch; failure to reach a minimum condition of 100k total pre-registrations will see no rewards paid out. The official infographic of the full reward system is below. Blue Lock PWC also teases an unconfirmed special reward for sign-ups greater than 300k. The game has no confirmed release date.

Notably, the global version’s reward system hands players a major advantage compared to the Japanese version, which first launched on December 30, 2022. Namely, the possibility for greater rewards is significantly higher and much easier to attain. At 200k sign-ups, Global players will receive 1500 Blue Gems and the “First Step Towards Destiny Yoichi Isagi,” which required 700k signups in the Japanese version. Meanwhile, 250k signups will net Global players 3000 Blue Gems, 10 Curry, and 1 Steak, compared to only 1000 Blue Gems, 1 Steak, and 3 Guaranteed Gacha Tickets in the Japanese version (via PR Times). The press release adds that fans should check the official game website for full terms and conditions. The game can be installed on the Apple App Store and Play Store.

Game developers Rudel Inc. developed Blue Lock PWC, celebrating its first anniversary in December 2023. Readers can check out the launch trailer below:

Blue Lock PWC is inspired by the anime series of the same name, which first premiered in October 2022. Tetsuaki Watanabe directed the series, which was animated by Eight Bit. The Blue Lock: Episode Nagi film recently premiered a new trailer ahead of its April premiere. Blue Lock PWC is described:
This is a new type of soccer training simulation game in which players train strikers, build the strongest team, and compete in fierce games against rivals. We got the No.1 download number in the Japanese app store in the first half of 2023, and also won “Best Sports Manager Game” at the Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2023! It’s getting even more exciting, and has experience in getting the No.1 download number in the Japanese App Store in BLUE LOCK’s mobile game.

Source: Press Release
© Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, KODANSHA/BLUELOCK Production