Bocchi The Rock’s Blu-Ray Shows Anime DVDs Are Still Popular

In the age of streaming, Crunchyroll stands out, offering anime fans endless series to enjoy. While digital streaming dominates, Crunchyroll also caters to physical media enthusiasts like with its release of Bocchi The Rock’s first season on Blu-Ray.

This Blu-Ray set packs in all the episodes from the debut season, along with some enticing extras. Fans can get deeper into the world of Bocchi The Rock with individual episode previews, band promos, and textless versions of the opening and ending songs. However, some may find the lack of extensive bonus features disappointing, craving more insights from animators and voice actors.

Still, this Blu-Ray is a treat for both anime aficionados and collectors alike, offering a chance to immerse oneself in the feel-good vibes of Bocchi The Rock.

Bocchi the Rock Movie (Credits: CloverWorks)

Bocchi The Rock Sales

For those eager to grab a copy, the Blu-Ray for the first season is available for order. While a second season remains unconfirmed, the manga continues to churn out new chapters, suggesting there’s more rockin’ content to come.

If you’re new to Bocchi The Rock, Crunchyroll’s synopsis paints a picture of a series focused on music and personal growth rather than world-saving battles. It follows Hitori Gotoh, aka “Bocchi-chan,” an introverted girl who finds solace in playing guitar. Despite her shyness, she dreams of forming a band and performing. However, it’s not until drummer Nijika Ijichi reaches out to her that her world begins to change.

With its blend of music and friendship, Bocchi The Rock offers a heartwarming tale of self-discovery and connection.