Bron Breakker Announces His Leave From WWE NXT In The Post 4/9 Episode

As they said goodbye to the NXT Universe, reigning NXT Tag Team Champions Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker experienced a bittersweet moment. Their journey, which started in February with victory, took an unexpected turn when they gave up their crowns in the most recent NXT program.

Fans conjectured about Breakker’s future on NXT after he signed with WWE SmackDown after competing in the Men’s Royal Rumble. Together with Corbin, Breakker stayed committed to NXT despite his transfer. Nevertheless, on April 9, they lost against Axiom and Nathan Frazer, ending their championship run.

Bron Breakker (Credit: ESPN)

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker Bid Farewell to NXT

Corbin and Breakker take a moment to thank the NXT faithful in a sincere Digital Exclusive. Corbin expressed gratitude to the supporters and mentioned Breakker’s contribution in reigniting his passion for wrestling.

He reminisced about their journey together, highlighting Breakker’s contribution in securing Corbin’s first championship in over six years.

Corbin expressed optimism in Breakker’s future on SmackDown, saying he saw him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Breakker returned the favor by expressing his gratitude to Shawn Michaels, the coaches, and the supporters for their steadfast support during his journey.

Baron Corbin (Credit: ESPN)
Baron Corbin (Credit: ESPN)

Breakker highlighted that the occasion was more of a “see-you-later” than a farewell. He expressed his gratitude to Corbin for their collaboration and acknowledged him as a treasured friend in addition to a fierce rival. Following their touching interaction, supporters chanted, “It’s see you later.”

Breakker relished the chance to speak with fans as he was leaving the ring, snapping photos and sharing special moments with them. The NXT Universe is now excited to see Breakker go on Friday Night SmackDown and to see what is ahead for both Corbin and Breakker.