Captain Tsubasa Manga Serialization Comes to a End

It’s hard to believe, but after many years, Captain Tsubasa has reached the end of an era. Today, creator Yoichi Takahashi released the final chapter of the manga serialization.

This milestone comes decades after Captain Tsubasa first debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1981. But before fans despair, the story of Captain Tsubasa is not over just yet.

Earlier today, Takahashi confirmed that the manga format of Captain Tsubasa has concluded. The final chapter was published in Captain Tsubasa Magazine #20, but it’s not the end of the story. Takahashi intends to continue Captain Tsubasa in a new format online.

According to the artist, the sports series will transition to a ‘draft serialization’ online. It will be available on the website Captain Tsubasa World, set to launch on April 4th. As of now, details about how this new publication will impact Captain Tsubasa are still unknown.

For those unfamiliar with Captain Tsubasa, it’s a classic sports manga that first began in 1981 and ran for seven years.

Captain Tsubasa (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Since then, numerous sequels have expanded on the Captain Tsubasa universe, but now the series is ready to move away from traditional manga serials. To learn more about Captain Tsubasa, here’s the official synopsis:

“Tsubasa is an 11-year-old boy whose passion is football. Upon moving to a new town, he impresses two rival schools locked in a soccer field dispute. Wakabayashi, Japan’s top goalie, is intrigued and challenges him to a duel. In the crowd, Tsubasa spots Roberto, a former member of Brazil’s soccer team, who becomes his mentor and helps him become Japan’s top soccer player!”