Chad Gable’s Revelation After 4/15 WWE Raw

Chad Gable’s journey from mentor to foe unfolded dramatically on Monday Night RAW. Initially, Zayn expressed gratitude for Gable’s guidance, offering him a title shot as a token of appreciation. The ensuing match showcased Gable’s skill and determination, but despite his efforts, Zayn emerged victorious.

However, the night took a dark turn when Gable, seemingly extending a hand in sportsmanship, ambushed Zayn after the match. The sudden attack left fans reeling, questioning the motives behind Gable’s betrayal. As Zayn vows retaliation and fans voice their disapproval, the landscape of WWE’s tag team division faces uncertainty.

Sami Zayn vs Chad Gable (Credit: ESPN)

Chad Gable’s Shocking Betrayal

Will The Alpha Academy stand by Gable’s newfound villainy, or will this betrayal lead to internal strife and upheaval within the stable? The aftermath of Gable’s shocking turn promises to be a defining moment in WWE’s narrative landscape, with fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding saga.

In the aftermath of Chad Gable’s shocking betrayal, speculation runs rampant regarding the future of The Alpha Academy. Fans are left wondering if Gable’s actions will drive a wedge between him and his former tag team partner, Otis.

Chad Gable
Chad Gable (Credit: ESPN)

With tensions simmering and uncertainty looming over the stable, the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the fallout from Gable’s heel turn. Will Otis stand by Gable’s side, or will he distance himself from his former mentor’s treacherous actions?

As the drama unfolds, the dynamics within The Alpha Academy hang in the balance, setting the stage for potential conflicts and alliances in the weeks to come.