Chicken Wing Fiasco At Kings Vs Pelicans Game Sparks Commentary Fun

During the Kings vs Pelicans game on Thursday night, fans were treated to an unexpected and bizarre moment when a disgruntled Kings supporter tossed a chicken wing onto the court in frustration with the Pelicans.

The peculiar incident brought the game to a momentary halt as an official retrieved the rogue chicken wing, carefully wrapping it in a napkin for disposal. While the act was disrespectful, commentator Kevin Harlan seized the opportunity to inject humor into the situation.

Kevin Harlan (Credit: NBA)

“It’s a chicken wing! Why would someone throw something that good out on the floor? It’s crispy, it’s warm, and I almost had to go out and get it, I’m so hungry!” remarked Harlan, showcasing his quick wit and entertaining the television audience.

In their game against the Kings, the Pelicans win

Harlan’s sarcastic take on the chicken wing debacle diverted attention from the negative moment, turning it into a light-hearted and humorous interlude. His commentary skillfully steered the narrative away from the fan’s misguided action, drawing laughs from viewers.

Despite the amusing distraction, the game continued, and the New Orleans Pelicans emerged victorious with a final score of 135-123 over the Sacramento Kings. The matchup saw a strong performance from Pelicans stars CJ McCollum and Zion Williamson, both scoring 31 points each.

Kevin Harlan
Kevin Harlan (Credit: NBA)

The Pelicans completed a five-game sweep of the Kings this season, showcasing their dominance on the court. Although missing forward Brandon Ingram, CJ and Zion stepped up, leading their team to victory after a closely contested game.

Kevin Harlan’s commentary added an unexpected twist to an already eventful game, leaving fans entertained and amused. What are your thoughts on Harlan’s humorous take? Share your opinions in the comments below!