Chinese Fanbase Urges Clarity from ODDATELIER Regarding Jennie’s Activities

In a recent turn of events, conflicting reports have emerged regarding the music activities of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, leaving fans in a state of confusion and frustration. On March 31st, Korean media outlets announced plans for Jennie to release a solo album in June, only to be swiftly denied by her label, ODDATELIER.

The ambiguity surrounding Jennie’s future music endeavors has sparked discontent among fans, who eagerly anticipate her solo ventures following the establishment of her label. ODDATELIER’s brief denial, without offering further clarification or a concrete plan for the female singer, has left fans feeling disillusioned and disheartened.

Adding to the chorus of voices seeking clarity, JENNIE BAR, the largest Chinese fanbase dedicated to Jennie, issued a statement expressing their concerns and urging ODDATELIER to communicate transparently. Highlighting the importance of the Chinese market and its impact on Jennie’s album sales, the fanbase emphasized the need for a well-defined strategy to prevent disappointment among fans.

Blackpink’s Jennie Solo Comeback very soon (Credits: @jennierubyjane/Instagram)

In their statement, JENNIE BAR acknowledged the challenges posed by the current official system and urged ODDATELIER to address these issues promptly. While expressing trust in Jennie’s decisions, the fanbase underscored the adverse effects of repeated uncertainties on fan enthusiasm and support.

JENNIE BAR appealed to ODDATELIER to prioritize fans’ sentiments by promptly responding to rumors and emails and engaging in timely communication. Emphasizing their willingness to wait for clarity before making announcements, the fanbase implored ODDATELIER to uphold open and effective communication practices.

Jennie (Credits: @calvinklein/Instagram)

As tensions rise amidst conflicting reports and vague responses, the call for transparency from ODDATELIER reflects the deep-rooted dedication and passion of BLACKPINK’s fanbase. With the spotlight on Jennie’s future endeavors, fans worldwide eagerly await concrete updates and reassurance from her label, ODDATELIER, to alleviate uncertainties and reignite enthusiasm for Jennie’s upcoming projects.