Communist Party Seeks to Lodge Global Complaint Against Sexualized Manga

In the entertainment industry, the allure of sex is undeniable, spanning across books, movies, and music. Now, a recent report from Japan indicates that several manga series are facing criticism alongside their respective magazines.

Surprisingly, the Japanese Communist Party is gearing up to lodge a global complaint against the portrayal of ‘sexy’ women in manga.

The peculiar complaint was uncovered by Togetter blogger Misato Nakayama, who stumbled upon a survey regarding manga and magazines in Shimbun Akahata, a newspaper affiliated with the communist party. The survey aimed to gauge public awareness of adult-oriented manga and magazines being sold in stores.

Netizens were taken aback by the survey, particularly when they saw the list of targeted magazines.

Bonney (Credits: Toei Animation)

Weekly Young Jump, Young Animal, Weekly Shonen Champion, and other manga anthologies were among those included. It appears that the Japanese Communist Party takes issue with these publications due to their portrayal of ‘sexy’ women in advertisements and fictional works.

“In our initial survey, we discovered the reappearance of adult magazines in convenience stores, despite our previous efforts to ban them through campaigns. Now, we are conducting a comprehensive nationwide survey to investigate the presence of adult magazines that objectify women sexually in stores… We will also present our findings to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.”

Charlotte (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The importance of women’s rights is undeniable, prompting a divided response from netizens regarding this new survey. Some argue that the report represents an attack on artistic expression, prioritizing censorship over female empowerment.

Others remain undecided on where they stand regarding manga and its depiction of overly sexualized heroines. As the survey progresses, manga enthusiasts await to see if any significant outcomes will emerge.