Date a Live V Episode 3 – The End of “Nightmare”

Date a Live V episode 3 caught us off-guard. The series of events is quite astonishing because we can feel like they’re really at war with all the fighting sequences. Artemisha Ashcroft’s memories are now unlocked while Shido was also successful in defeating Nibeelcole most unexpectedly.

One notable event in the episode is the arrival of Elliot Woodman, the chairman of Ratatoskr, on the battlefield. Who would have thought that he was the real strongest wizard on Earth? It was quite a mystery in season 4 how he survived Isaac Wescott’s attack, who wielded the power of Beelzebub at that time. Now, we know his secret, but his fight scenes against Ellen Mathers are still in the dark. What’s more amazing here is that he turns young whenever he uses his battle equipment, but who knows what the drawback of that power is?

Despite how favorable the current battle is for Shido and Ratatoskr, the final scene is quite shocking, (especially for Date a Live fans who only watch the anime). It has been a nightmare ever since Shido sealed Nia in season 4. Isaac Wescott always attacked them to the point where Shido died more than a hundred times. If not for Kurumi’s ability to traverse time, he would be long dead by now.

Kurumi’s other name is Nightmare, which is really fitting because her scenes in the series always connected to a strategy. However, she might have hit a roadblock this time. The worst tragedy has happened — her death.

Kurumi’s death scene

Throughout the entire series, we are so used to seeing Kurumi die because of the many death scenes of her clones. Unfortunately, this episode hits differently. Right after the death of Kurumi’s best clone — the clone that caught the hearts of many Date a Live fans — it is revealed that the real Kurumi was also killed.

This also means that Kurumi, the most popular character in the Date a Live series, can no longer go back in time to save Shido if he gets killed again. Sadly, Kurumi was killed by the most unexpected character to show up. The series is undoubtedly getting darker and darker. With that, the Nightmare we loved is now gone, but it also means that we are about to enter a more devastating nightmare into future episodes.

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