Davante Adams Affirms Commitment To Las Vegas Raiders

Davante Adams, the star wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, has expressed his commitment to the franchise ahead of the 2024 season. Despite previous hints of discontent since joining the team in 2022, Adams made it clear that he sees his future in Las Vegas.

Addressing reporters, Adams stated, “If I wanted to be gone, I’d be gone by now. This is where I want to be.” This affirmation follows a similar sentiment expressed last year after the 2023 trade deadline when he stated he was “happy to be a Raider,” despite some disappointments and challenges.

Davante Adams Admits Commitment to Raiders (Credits: Getty Images)

Adams, who signed a five-year, $140 million deal with the Raiders in 2022 as part of his trade from the Green Bay Packers, is under contract with the team until the 2026 season. Despite any previous frustrations, Adams appears committed to honoring his contractual obligations and contributing to the Raiders’ success.

Davante Adams Admits Commitment to Raiders (Credits: Getty Images)

One significant factor influencing Adams’ decision to stay is the presence of new head coach Antonio Pierce. Pierce, who took over the role this offseason, seems to have positively impacted team morale, with Adams stating, “It’s already helped the morale of the team. It’s what we were all looking for to be able to continue with the same mindset that we had. That’s our guy.”