Delicious in Dungeon Episode 13 – Falin Gone Again

As it jumps into its second cour, Delicious in Dungeon episode 13 continues down a dark path. With black magic, lunatic magicians, the loss of boneless dragon ham, and a scared Chilchuck, it seems like all current hope is lost for a successful Falin rescue.

After You’re Gone, Is It You That Comes Back?

Do you ever wake up at night feeling that something is calling you? Well, Falin sure does. After the welcome-back feast of the previous episode, she’s still somehow able to get up and is nimble enough to jump out of a window. He walks toward the dark elf that isekai’d to their world in the last episode and is stunned to find that he seems to know her. And, maybe she also knows him.

Laios’ sword, which is the best defense the party has, tumbles, and this wakes Laios up, and he soon realizes that his imouto is gone. As he rushes out to find her, he is greeted by a crying Falin and a dissolving dragon. He’s greeted by the elf who saw him in the living paintings when he was doing his best Mario impression.

But have no fear! Marcille is here! And she’s bakuretsuing (Konosuba fans get it) all over the place. That’s never a good idea when trying to resolve things amicably, but maybe that wasn’t what she was trying to do. Either way, her attempts at a rescue end up as an all-out brawl against a dark magician. Seeing that she can’t win by normal methods, she decides to invoke a little bit of black magic herself and gawblinates the dark elf’s attacks. But she fails to keep up or instigate some proper dialogue and gets thrown into a hole where the dark elf tells her that “it puts the lotion on the skin.”

But seriously, does no one in anime believe in a Colt? The dark elf took a few seconds to recite his spell. As seen in the last episode, even Marcille, who’s knowledgeable about dark magic, was taken aback by the chantless incantation. The odds are that their current opponent needs to chant his spell. And you know what’s faster than a chanted spell? Bam, bam, you’re dead!

As the Delicious in Dungeon party struggles to get free of their new accommodations, Things aren’t going that well for Falin either, as she appears to have been turned into the dragon the party just slew. If one remembers, Marcille and Laios both mentioned that during resurrections, bones shouldn’t be mixed. But what about flesh and bodily fluids? Falin’s body still had a lot of dragon juice all over it. Could that have affected her resurrection—was it the dragon itself. Or was it the black voodoo magic? Well. We think it’s…

Borrowed Time

As Delicious in Dungeon episode 13 moves on, the party, with some help from the dungeon’s resident ghosts, ends up surviving another near-death experience. But as they exit their death trap, they’re soon surrounded by ghosts and, shortly after, get captured by orcs. And the real-life equivalent to that is leaving a Baja Fresh for “good tacos” and then walking into Taco Bell. You went from a bad situation to a life threatening scenario.

They’re about to get sent to the great beyond. Senshi intervenes, letting them know he’s a mister worldwide and that he’s there on behalf of the chief. So, they definitely shouldn’t turn him into a shishkabob. Initially, they didn’t believe him. After a few thorough sniffs, they realize it’s someone known to them. And that, kids, is why you shouldn’t shower. Your musk may save you one day.

But as the orcs help our wayward adventurers, what may be the foulest thing we’ve seen in this show gets introduced into Laios’s and Marcille’s gullets. Poor Marcille, she should accept that putting questionable, possibly disease- or gag-inducing things into her mouth is life.

As Marcille and Laios recover, Senshi and Chilchuck find out that they ruffled the feathers of the baddest bird in the tree, and now it’s out for them. The Lunatic Magician, the ‘master of the dungeon,’ has it in for them. Realizing how bad things are, Chilchuck implies that it is better to lie to Marcille and Laios as to avoid having to rescue Falin and fight the Lunatic Magician.

While some may say this is cowardice, biologically speaking, you have a single goal. To procreate. Nothing else matters. Live, spread your genes, and die. That’s all nature intends. Anything apart from that is just piffle we made up as a species. So, keeping yourself safe first and foremost isn’t selfishness; it’s biology. But feelings are often more important than facts, and the orc chief is disgusted by what she hears and initially refuses to help Chilchuck retrieve his stuff. It’s only as Senshi intervenes that she guides him towards his gear. But he stays with Laios and Marcille.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 13: Wrap-Up

As Chilchuck and the orc chief talk, one realizes that it’s less that Chilchuck is suddenly fat around the heart and more that he’s not prepared to see his allies die. He’s been well aware that, so far, they’ve gotten by on pure luck. Their tactics are careless and leave too much to chance and luck. It’s only a matter of time before they’re hurt or worse. But he’s forced to admit that he’s bailing out of not wanting to see the worst outcome happen rather than out of self-preservation.

In Delicious in Dungeon episode 13 we're shown a bro moment as the males of the Delicious in Dungeon group all come together in a moment of love.

As Chilchuck gets back to the group, he sees Senshi trying to keep Laios in place as he tries to go after Falin. At this, Chilchuck lays his soul bare and lets Laios know they can’t continue as they are. They need rest, reinforcements, and a strategy. In his own way, Senshi agrees, and the party decides to head back to the surface. And with that, Delicious in Dungeon episode 13 ends, and the group is no closer to Falin than they were 12 episodes ago.

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