Delicious in Dungeon x Urakita Craft Studio Collab for Wooden Barrel Mugs – Interest

Raise your glasses high when enjoying your dungeon delicacies

A staple in any fantasy story is definitely the wooden barrel mug. They’re found in movies like Lord of the Rings, games like Dungeons & Dragons, and a myriad of fantasy anime and manga series. Now you can feel like you’re exploring a dungeon with the new Delicious in Dungeon wood barrel jockey mug from Urakita Craft Studio.

Image via Urakita Craft Studio’s Twitter account

The Urakita Craft Studio’s X (formerly Twitter) account revealed on March 25 a line of wood barrel jockey mugs based on the 2024 anime series Delicious in Dungeon. In the tweet, the company showed four different mugs with the anime’s logo printed available for purchase: two different 1,000ml and two 380ml mugs (about 34 fl oz and 12 fl oz respectively) in dark brown and natural colors. The tweet also notes the 1,000ml mugs can come with your choice of six bottoms featuring characters from the anime: the walking mushroom, Marcille, Chilchuck, the red dragon, Laios, and Senshi.

From the TV anime “#ダンジョン飯 [Delicious in Dungeon”, “Delicious in Dngeon Wood Barrel Mug” is now on sale to accompany your “monster cuisine”!
【Orders between: Monday, March 25, 2024 to Sunday, June 30, 2024】
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#URAKITA工房 [URAKITA Craft Studio]
#木樽ジョッキ [Wood Barrel Jocky]

The mugs are quite hefty, both in weight and price. According to Urakita’s homepage, the 380ml mugs will run fans 11,880 yen and the 1,000ml 17,380 yen (about US$78.32 and US$114.58, respectively) and weigh a whopping 95g and 195g each (about .21 lbs and .43 lbs respectively). This is to be expected, as according to Urakita Craft Studio’s website, each jockey mug is hand crafted. Unfortunately, fans outside of Japan will not be able to purchase the mugs as the homepage also notes they do not ship overseas.

Along with the Delicious in Dungeon wood barrel jockey mugs, Urakita Craft Studio also sells a line of Monster Hunter and Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation-inspired wood barrel jockey mugs. These mugs are also offered at various sizes and designs, so fans have many options to choose from.

While the Delicious in Dungeon wood barrel jockey mugs are a bit on the expensive end, they’re a nice gift for any fan of the series.

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