Doctor Who’s New Season: Time Travel, New Faces, And Cosmic Mysteries

A new season of Doctor Who is coming to Disney+, starring the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson). Entertainment Weekly shared images from the upcoming season, showing the Time Lord and his companion in action-packed scenes.

Fans will see the unique bond between Ruby and the Doctor, reminiscent of the Doctor’s past friendships with Clara Oswald and Rose Tyler.

The new season shows the Doctor inside the TARDIS, his time-traveling spaceship. This season introduces Gatwa’s version of the Doctor’s iconic ship.

Doctor Who Season 14 (Credit: YouTube)

Alongside a new TARDIS, the Doctor must adapt to having a new companion as they work together to save the universe. After a meeting between the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble, a regeneration allowed two versions of the Doctor to coexist.

A new season of Doctor Who starts soon.

The Fifteenth Doctor takes on the challenge of facing various villains across different solar systems. Ruby Sunday, the Doctor’s new companion with a mysterious background, joins him on this mission.

Doctor Who Season 14
Doctor Who Season 14 (Credit: YouTube)

Entertainment Weekly’s images also show Sunday crossing Abbey Road, hinting at an exciting episode involving The Beatles. Russell T. Davies, the show’s former showrunner, returns to guide the Doctor’s adventures.

Doctor Who’s move to Disney+ marks a new era for the series, joining popular shows like The Mandalorian and Loki. With increased budgets, fans can expect even more thrilling episodes. Get a sneak peek at the new Doctor Who images above before the season premiere on May 10.