Dominik Mysterio’s Unexpected WWE Tour Absence Sparks Speculation

Dominik Mysterio has undergone a significant transformation, transitioning from a bland good guy to one of WWE’s most disliked villains. Despite his recent success, it seems he may not be part of WWE’s upcoming European tour.

As the former NXT North American Champion, Mysterio has been a staple in WWE events worldwide over the past year, showcasing his skills at various live shows. However, internal memos suggest he could be pulled from the European tour, with Ricochet possibly taking his place.

Dominik Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Dominik Mysterio’s Absence

WWE’s European tour is set to kick off soon, with Raw Superstars scheduled to visit cities like Birmingham, Cardiff, London, and Belfast. While Dominik Mysterio was initially included, reports indicate that plans have changed.

Although Dominik Mysterio expressed support for Rhea Ripley after her injury forced her to relinquish her Women’s World Title, WWE has not provided an explanation for his tour absence. Fans eagerly await updates on this unexpected development.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Mysterio’s absence from the European tour, his recent character development has been noteworthy.

Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Transitioning from a generic babyface to a despised heel has garnered attention from WWE fans worldwide. Whether this change in plans signals a new direction for Mysterio’s character or simply a scheduling conflict remains to be seen.