Dragon Ball Super Manga Artist Speaks Out About Hiatus

The anime community, along with the world, mourns the loss of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. As a result, the Dragon Ball Super manga has announced an indefinite hiatus, leaving fans uncertain about its future without Toriyama’s guidance.

In an official statement from the manga’s artist Toyotaro, a tribute is paid to the legendary mangaka, who brought Goku and the Z-Fighters to life.

While the fate of Dragon Ball Super’s manga remains uncertain, a new anime series titled Dragon Ball Daima is set to debut later this year. With significant input from Toriyama, the series presents a unique storyline where Goku and his allies are transformed into children due to a sinister plot involving the Dragon Balls.

Although the release date is yet to be announced, it is confirmed to premiere during the fall anime season. Additionally, the series takes place after the demise of Kid Buu but before the events of Dragon Ball Super and End of Z.

Toyotaro addresses the hiatus, attributing it to Toriyama’s passing, and assures fans to stay tuned for updates on the release of episodes 101 to 103.

Goku and Gohan (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Reflecting on Toriyama’s final edits for Chapter 103, Toyotaro shares a poignant moment where the characters bid farewell akin to Piccolo saying goodbye to his kindergarten teacher.

Expressing gratitude once more, Toyotaro honors Toriyama’s legacy and offers prayers for his soul to find peace. He reminisces about the miraculous nine years of collaboration with Toriyama, acknowledging the profound impact on his life and work.