Draymond Green Proposes Changes for NBA All-Star Game

After facing criticism following the 2024 NBA All-Star Game, Draymond Green has proposed a solution to enhance the event in the future. On a recent episode of his podcast, Green expressed that the various obligations during All-Star weekend make it challenging for players to give their full effort in the actual game on Sunday evening.

Green stated, “It’s called game day for a reason because everything you do that day is to prepare for the game. The All-Star Game, you do a million other things before the game. And then, you’re asking the highest level of athletes to then go exert an extreme amount of energy.

So, if you want the game to be a game, you need to make sure that guys can prepare for what? A game.”

Draymond Green on NBA Changes (Credits: Getty Images)

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has advocated for the NBA to employ physical therapists at the All-Star Game to ensure player safety. Green expressed concern about the risk of injuries if players aren’t given adequate time to prepare for the exhibition match, especially when the format introduces financial incentives like million-dollar prizes.

He emphasized the importance of players properly preparing their bodies for the physical demands of the game to avoid potential injuries.

Draymond Green on NBA Changes (Credits: Getty Images)

Green’s comments come as the NBA has made changes to the All-Star Game format, reverting to the East/West format in 2024 after experimenting with the top two vote-getters drafting teams in previous years.