Dustin Rhodes Responds To The Undertaker’s Hall Of Fame Remarks

After competing in the professional wrestling industry for several decades, Dustin Rhodes is regarded as a true veteran. Rhodes has witnessed numerous businesses come and go, but he never gives up. In response to The Undertaker’s belief that he belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame, Rhodes has finally spoken up.

On September 13, 1988, Dustin Rhodes started working as a professional wrestler for the Championship Wrestling From Florida promotion out of Tampa.

Later on, he joined WWE, where he adopted the name Goldust. With his audacious and inventive identity as Goldust, Rhodes broke down barriers and stretched the bounds of the industry.

The Undertaker (Credit: ESPN)

Dustin Rhodes Reaction

In the wrestling community, he is highly respected for his contributions as Goldust. He is praised for his impact on the business and his enduring legacy in the sport. The Undertaker also believes Rhodes is more than worthy of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Dustin Rhodes replied to The Undertaker’s remarks during an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, thanking him for his good sentiments. Speaking highly of The Undertaker, Rhodes called him “great” and praised their collaborative efforts.

Smoother matches result from two skilled performers working together, according to Rhodes. He highlighted the contrasts between the modern wrestling environment and the high caliber of matches and stories from that bygone era.

He did a good deed there. Working with Mark was a pleasure. He was excellent. Fantastic as always. It’s much easier to get by when you have two people who can work together, and everyone could work back then. Your plots and matches were excellent. Simply said, it was different.

Dustin Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

“The Age of Attitudes was a different beast man, different than anything we’ve ever had.”

We will have to wait and see whether The Natural will end up getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame somewhere down the line. After all, many fans feel that Dustin Rhodes deserves it more than anything else.