Dustin Rhodes Shares His thoughts On Cody Rhodes’ Unsuccessful WWE Run

Throughout his wrestling career, Cody Rhodes, also known as The American Nightmare, has seen many difficulties and setbacks. He persisted in the face of obstacles and became a possible WWE flagship star.

Cody Rhodes triumphed spectacularly at WrestleMania 40, defeating Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Championship. His status as the dominant force in the wrestling world was cemented with this victory.

Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

The Undeniable WWE Champion’s Journey to Glory

There were obstacles in Cody’s way of success. Despite the setbacks of his first WWE run, he experienced tremendous personal development and metamorphosis. Dustin Rhodes, Cody’s elder brother, discussed Cody’s growth and acquired knowledge in a recent interview.

“He’s grown incredibly intelligent for his age in a short amount of time, and he studies. He has greater wisdom and business acumen.

Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)
Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

After joining the WWE again in 2022, Cody Rhodes made a name for himself right away. With Paul “Triple H” Levesque, the Chief Creative Officer of WWE, behind him, Cody’s ascent to fame appeared certain.

Fans are excited to see Cody’s incredible journey in the WWE continue as he begins the next phase of his career after winning at WrestleMania 40.