EastEnders Disrupted: Fans Speculate Amid BBC Schedule Changes

Fans of EastEnders are speculating about an imminent arrest or confession following the discovery of Keanu Taylor’s body. The character, portrayed by actor Danny Walters, met his demise at Christmas, having been murdered by Linda Carter, the mechanic’s killer.

Viewers are aware of the circumstances surrounding Keanu Taylor’s demise, as he was attempting to kill Sharon Watts, and Linda Carter intervened by instinctively stabbing him with a nearby meat thermometer.

Following the incident, Linda, Sharon, Denise Fox, Stacey Slater, Suki Panesar, and Kathy Beale collaborated to conceal Keanu’s death, burying his body beneath the café.

A scene from EastEnders (Credit: YouTube)

Recently, his decomposing remains were uncovered, albeit not before Jack Branning retrieved Denise’s necklace from the burial site.

Jack intervened just in time, preventing Denise and Stacey from handling the situation themselves.

However, their efforts were nearly thwarted when a drunk Bernie Taylor and Alfie Moon stumbled upon the grim discovery.

Subsequently, the presence of police cars signaled the escalating involvement of law enforcement.

Bernie disclosed the presence of a body in the café to the neighbors, heightening the tension. Stacey took it upon herself to individually inform each member of The Six about Jack’s intervention and the retrieval of the necklace.

With the police now actively investigating, the pressure mounts on The Six. Will they be able to withstand the scrutiny and keep their secret intact?

BBC has confirmed the airing of an extended hour-long episode of EastEnders on Wednesday, April 17th, at 7:30pm on BBC One. Consequently, there will be no episode broadcasted on Thursday, April 18th.

With the one hour long special, fans are convinced it will be dramatic as one predicted,

“I’ll take a guess that Linda confesses to killing Keanu.”

Another said:

“Is this Six getting arrested related?”