Eddie Betts Exposes Racist Abuse Towards Children in Yard

Victoria police are conducting an investigation following a distressing incident captured by security cameras at the residence of Indigenous AFL legend Eddie Betts. He took to social media to share footage depicting his children enduring racial abuse within the confines of their own yard, a poignant reminder of the pervasive nature of racism.

In the video, a white car is seen cruising down the street before coming to a halt in front of Betts’ residence, where an individual proceeds to hurl racial slurs.

AFL legend Eddie Betts (Credit: YouTube)

The heart-wrenching scene unfolds as Betts’ four children innocently engage in a game of basketball within the safety of their fenced yard, underscoring the alarming reality that racial discrimination knows no bounds, even within the sanctity of one’s home.

“Aboriginal kids deserve to be able to play safely, free from racism and abuse over the fence,” Betts posted.

“We are not even safe in our own homes. If you know who this is please let them know I’m open to having a chat about how much this hurts our kids.”

On Friday morning, Betts posted:

“Thanks everyone for your support … it’s not going to stop the kids from playing ball” alongside a picture of the children back on the basketball court.

Victoria police confirmed on Friday afternoon that they had received a report concerning “verbal racial abuse toward children outside a property in Glen Iris.”

According to authorities, a vehicle passed by the residence after 8:30 PM on Thursday, with an individual yelling from the windows before departing the scene.

A police spokesperson reiterated the gravity with which such incidents are treated, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in providing any pertinent information to Crime Stoppers.

“Crimes motivated by prejudice cause serious harm to victims, often leaving them, and their communities, feeling vulnerable, threatened and isolated,” they said.

“Victoria police do not tolerate violence, including that which is motivated by prejudice, racism or discrimination.

People who experience or witness crimes or incidents motivated by prejudice should report them to police at their local police station.”

A spokesperson for Betts’ foundation said while Eddie was unfortunately used to racism in his daily life “the overtness and aggression directed at his young kids and nephews, in their house, has really upset him and their families”.

“Aboriginal kids deserve freedom to play sport, go to school and go about their lives free of racism and abuse,” the spokesperson said on Friday.

“Eddie will continue to have conversations with Australia on how racism manifests in different ways and thanks everyone for their support – we need everyone to be part of this solution.”

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan condemned the footage as “sickening and disgusting,” asserting that such reprehensible behavior has “no place” within the state.

Allan extended her support to Eddie Betts, recognizing him as a “strong and proud Indigenous man” who has candidly shared his own encounters with racism.

She empathized with the anguish Betts must feel witnessing his children subjected to such abhorrent treatment.

“I’m really sorry his kids have had to go through that experience because it is absolutely sickening behaviour.”

AFL Chief Executive Andrew Dillon and the league’s General Manager of Inclusion, Tanya Hosch, expressed gratitude to Eddie Betts “for bringing this disturbing behavior to our attention.”

“We must not look away,” they said in a joint statement.

“We invite everyone to follow Eddie’s example in calling out racism when you hear, read or see it. We invite everyone to report racism wherever possible. Racism is wrong. Racism is harmful. Racism requires a response.”

Eddie Betts (Credit: YouTube)

The AFL Players’ Association offered its support and described the incident as “awful.”

“No one should ever have to experience this. We stand with you Eddie,” the group wrote.

Betts retired from the AFL in 2021 after an illustrious career encompassing 350 games with Carlton and Adelaide.

Throughout his tenure, he has been vocal about the racial abuse he endured, both on and off the field. In a particularly egregious incident in 2016, a spectator hurled a banana at him during a match, underscoring the persistent racism within the sport.

In a candid interview in 2022, Betts poignantly expressed that regardless of his profile, he remains a target of racial abuse simply because he is “Blak in Australia.”

“I’ve just got a platform now … but people don’t like me talking about it,” he said at the time. “They want to put me back in my box. They don’t like me standing up.”