Enhypen Faces Backlash Over Photo With Japanese Bar Hostess At Brand Event

According to a report by Segye Ilbo on April 15th, Enhypen members Jake and another member faced criticism after a fan shared a photo of them posing with a Japanese bar hostess, identified as A, at a jewellery brand event in Japan.

The controversy arose as the two Enhypen members attended the event and were photographed alongside A, who is known for her role as a hostess and owner of a prominent kyabakura bar in Japan. This sparked disappointment and disapproval among Japanese netizens, who expressed concerns about the idol group’s association with individuals from certain professions, given the cultural differences between Japan and Korea.

Comments from Japanese netizens reflected a sense of disbelief that Enhypen members would be photographed with A, with some questioning whether the members were aware of her occupation. While such professions may be more accepted or visible in Japanese media, they carry different connotations in Korean cultural contexts.

Enhypen’s Jake and Sunghoon attends the Tiffany&Co event in Japan (Credits: @enhypen/Instagram)

In response to the backlash, Enhypen’s agency, HYBE, clarified that the members were simply fulfilling requests to take photos with guests at the brand event. They emphasized that they were unaware of A’s identity and job role at the time of the photograph, highlighting the challenges of vetting individuals in such settings.

The incident raises broader discussions about celebrity appearances and the responsibilities of management teams in ensuring appropriate interactions and representations at public events. As Enhypen travels international engagements, cultural sensitivities, and perceptions remain important considerations in maintaining positive public relations and understanding across diverse audiences..