Entertaining Insights: BABYMONSTER’s Appearance on Knowing Bros

Recently, BABYMONSTER received an invitation to appear as guest stars on the renowned JTBC program, Knowing Bros.

Known for its popularity on YouTube, Knowing Bros showcases a steady ensemble of comedians who warmly welcome notable figures to engage in diverse comedic skits and playful challenges.

Throughout their appearance on the show, the group created numerous unforgettable moments.

BABYMONSTER (Credit: YouTube)

Members delved into their journeys within the music industry, elaborating on their recent endeavors promoting the track “SHEESH”.

The episode featured vibrant live performances by the group, showcasing their dynamic dance routines.

The episode also offered lighthearted segments, with Ahyeon showcasing her renowned intense abs workout to the hosts, and Rami delighting the audience with her spot-on imitations of fellow members.

Watch BABYMONSTER on Knowing Bros here: