Episode 17 – The Dangers in My Heart Season 2

If Kyotaro felt insecure about Anna living in a different world than him because of her career choice, then going to her workplace wouldn’t help him in any way. Despite that, this episode shows Kyotaro being the most forward with his desire to get closer to Anna that we’ve ever seen.

In previous episodes, he would only speak his mind or act boldly when it was a pivotal moment but in this episode, we saw that as early as the first couple of minutes. My favorite part of the episode was one of the quieter moments where Anna apologized to Kyotaro for leaving it up to him to ask her out to the movies. She is the one who did all the setup—showing the tickets and everything—but you could tell she was beating herself up about not being able to take the final step in inviting him herself.

That said, it is refreshing and appropriate that he is starting to step up more like a boyfriend. They are going out on dates and engaging in seemingly couple’s activities. Kyotaro doesn’t even deny that they are going out on dates and rationalizes that this is probably what their outings look like. Our boy has come so far and I am so proud of him. I feel like a parent dotting over their child. I completely understand where his big sister is coming from with all her snide remarks.

Speaking of the workplace, this was the big emotional challenge for Kyotaro in this episode. It has been built up a lot that he considers him and Anna to be apart of different worlds. Her work as a model/actress largely contributes to that—because while it does internally stir up his inferiority complex, there is a bit of practical realism to where his concerns lie. Even Anna’s manager brings up how her having a boyfriend could potentially cause issues down the line given the rather upsetting mentality that sometimes permeates the Japanese entertainment industry. I like that the manager doesn’t straight up say she can’t have a boyfriend but that they need to be careful. This wouldn’t be the last time such a matter was brought up because nothing was resolved emotionally in this episode.

As for Kyotaro, he’s starting to hit a good middle ground between being conscious about how he needs to be there for Anna and completely compromising on his desires. I also like the added detail that the manager doesn’t straight up tell him that he can’t date Anna because he already assumed that they were dating given the way that they acted together—and probably because Anna talks about Kyotaro like he is her boyfriend. When it comes down to it, there aren’t that many practical hurdles getting in the way of these two dating, the rest is just up to them to continue chipping away at those walls until the level of comfort they have displayed in this episode becomes the norm.


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