Episode 6 – The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

We are getting ready for war with the demons, and the big question now is, are our young heroes ready?

Seems like a lot of the commenters agree with me, the show is beautifully animated, and we love the characters, and their rich intimacy and development — but the second biggest question? Can we get some darn action already?

Sadly, no, but we learned more about Rose. She used to be a troop leader, the only healer who has ever risen to such a high position, but is still haunted by losing so many men that she cannot “heal from the dead” — she feels like she failed them, even though the King explains it wasn’t her fault. She has been permanently scarred physically as well, we watch her hold her right eye as she argues that her conceit led to their deaths, and these mental and physical scars are her punishment. This was solid. Rose is already such a mysterious character and getting some texture and backstory made me fall even more deeply in love with her.

Then she goes on to explain why she created the Rescue Team and why she wants an ally that will not die and how Usato has displayed survival instincts, adaptability, will to live — and hates to lose. I am crying. Rose sees so much potential in Usato.

This episode was all about the feels — showing Usato later healing townspeople with the town’s healing brother and sister duo. They reveal that they used to train under Rose and she was too hard on them, but they’re happy to see her happy now. Then we have these touching moments where the older brother is encouraging Usato and his younger sister to just have faith in their ability. So feel good.

We also get a deeper look at our villains and the knight is giving me Berserk vibes — I am so excited to find out what’s under the helmet! Also, the main villain girl has a deep beef with Rose, I can’t wait to see this rivalry play out before our very eyes.

The best part about this episode is the ending. The cat-eared girl has a scary premonition for Usato, revealing that only he can change the future — then she shows him images of that scary knight killing his friends. Then the little girl says ya better repay me and runs off.

Wild. Anyway, episode 6 was ALMOST filled with all the juicy goodness I was waiting for. Lots of positive feelings, a chance to know our characters better. Let’s see how this war plays out?

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