Ex-B.A.P Himchan Appeals Verdict Amidst Sexual Crime Charges

On February 8th, Himchan, the former member of B.A.P, appealed against the first-instance verdict regarding charges of rape and violations of sexual assault laws through his legal representation. This appeal comes amidst a contentious legal battle following his conviction. Additionally, the prosecution also submitted an appeal on February 7th, deeming the verdict unjust, setting the stage for an appellate court trial.

The Seoul High Court’s Criminal Division 10 is slated to preside over the first appellate trial scheduled for April 25th, taking over the case from the Seoul Western District Court’s Criminal Agreement Division 12, which initially sentenced Himchan to three years in prison with a five-year probation. This verdict sparked controversy as it factored in Himchan’s occupation as an idol and the perceived level of coercion in his crimes.

Ex-B.A.P Himchan on his way to court (Credits: Star News Korea)

Himchan stands accused of multiple sexual offenses, including sexually harassing a woman in 2018 and subsequent charges of rape, illegal filming, and sexual assault against different victims in 2022 and 2023. The prosecution emphasizes the severity of these crimes, particularly highlighting Himchan’s exploitation of his fan’s emotions and his involvement in similar offenses while undergoing trial.

In an attempt to mitigate his sentence, Himchan has submitted numerous letters of apology and appealed for leniency during the trial. However, the prosecution remains steadfast in seeking a harsher punishment, underscoring the gravity of his actions and the need for justice for the victims.

Himchan during his idol days (Credits: Pinterest)

As the legal proceedings continue, public scrutiny intensifies over Himchan’s appeal and the implications of his actions. His second trial, fueled by allegations of unfair sentencing, is poised to reignite debates surrounding accountability and the appropriate repercussions for individuals convicted of sexual crimes.