“Fallout” Series Secures Prime Video’s Top Spot Upon Release

The post-apocalyptic drama “Fallout” has swiftly ascended to the top spot after its debut on Prime Video.

The eight-part series, inspired by the beloved video game franchise, features acclaimed actors such as Ella Purnell from “Yellowjackets” and Walter Goggins from “The Shield.”

Premiering on April 11, the show has already captured audiences’ attention.

“Fallout,” set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, has quickly amazed audiences, catapulting to the pinnacle of Prime Video’s UK top 10 upon its release.

Audiences have embraced the show, reflected in its impressive scores on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes: 93% from critics and 85% from viewers.

Many have taken to social media to share their positive reactions to the show, with one viewer posting on X, formerly Twitter:

“Damn… I’ve already binged the entire series. Best new show I’ve seen in years.”

A fan of the original video games wrote:

“That first episode of the #Fallout TV show is nothing short of amazing! Within the first THREE minutes the atmosphere and general feel immediately gave me the vibes of the games. Introducing the protagonists and setting the ground story and universe quite well!!”

Another viewer said:

“I am BLOWN AWAY by #Fallout S1 so far! As someone unfamiliar with the games, I’m diggin’ the retro-futuristic vibe and the colourful characters they’ve introduced.”

The blend of comedy and intense violence feels spot on! Parnell and Goggins are INCREDIBLE! Stoked to see more.”

Todd Howard, the original creator of Fallout, expressed his appreciation for the depth of the characters in the series, a dimension they weren’t able to fully explore in the video games.

He said:

“The one thing the show was able to do that we were never able to do in the games, and the ways that we would have loved, was show so much of the past, because that’s one of the things that really makes the world of Fallout special.

“So the way the show mines that, Walton’s [Goggins] character [The Ghoul] and the other things that occur in the past… they just did so many great things.”