False Reports Stir Concern Over Singer Park Bo Ram’s Death

Fake news surrounding the supposed death of singer Park Bo Ram has raised alarm. The misinformation stems from the recent, unexpected passing of Park Bo Ram at the age of 30.

Authorities revealed she was discovered unconscious in a restroom while socializing at a friend’s residence before her demise.

Park Bo Ram (Credit: YouTube)

Police have announced intentions to delve into the circumstances leading to her death by conducting an autopsy through the National Forensic Service on April 15. However, speculation regarding the demise of the ‘Superstar K2’ contestant is rampant.

As curiosity regarding Park Bo Ram’s untimely demise surged, nefarious YouTubers have seized the opportunity to fabricate content spreading false news about her death.

Checking related videos leads to titles, such as:

“The bizarre behavior Park Bo Ram showed before her death.”

“The food Park Bo Ram ate before she passed away.”

“The emergency arrest of Park Bo Ram’s boyfriend.”

“Park Bo Ram’s food was poisoned.”

The news of Park Bo Ram’s untimely death surprised the Kpop industry (Credit: YouTube)

Also, the spread of fake news has extended to involve Park Bo Ram’s deceased parents, who passed away in 2010 and 2017.

Singer Kim Greem, who is a former contestant of ‘Superstar K2’ as well, spoke up on the matter, stating,

“Horrible people who make money using people who have passed away. My blood is boiling. Do it in moderation. You’ll be punished heavily.”

The proliferation of fake news surrounding Park Bo Ram’s death continues to evoke concern and outrage among netizens.