Fill the Void With the New Bocchi the Rock Good Smile Plushies

What do guys at basement hardcore shows and Bocchi the Rock fans have in common? They’re both unhealthily obsessed with drunk bassists with questionable hygiene. They both think small discrete venues are where it’s at and if a girl with a labret piercing mixes the show, it’s bliss. Though, let’s be honest, a dude in a Kessuko Band or Sunami t-shirt might have good taste. But they’re not gonna get a hot alcoholic bassist girlfriend. However, they can fill the void by buying the new Bocchi the Rock Good Smile plushies!

For the paltry sum of about $25, you can own your very own fuwa fuwa Pa-san, Seika, Kukuri, and Futari. And let’s be really, that’s the only chance you’ll have to call three of those four “yours” and if you call the other one that, it’s a go-to jail card. Standing at 130mm tall, all 4 plushies are expected to ship sometime in 2025’s first quarter and include a little carrying case. Seika and PA-san come in a Starry case, Futari in a Jimi-Hen case, and Kukuri in a sake container case. The latter is what one calls “peak advertising.” Plus, if you buy all four of the new Bocchi the Rock Good Smile plushies between today and May 12, you’ll get a free Koinobori mini pin!

Currently streaming on Crunchyroll, the anime adaptation of Aki Himaji’s manga went viral in a way that would make anyone blush. Focusing on the trials and tribulations of one Hitori Gotoh, Bocchi the Rock is a love song to band life. Showing how much music can change someone’s life. Bocchi the Rock takes a humorous but cognizant view of how someone with social anxiety can push forward but stagger no matter how much they may try.

Source: Good Smile US Website
© Aki Hamaji / Hobunsha, Aniplex