Fleury Emerges Victorious From Duhaime’s Practical Joke

When Marc-Andre Fleury defeated forward Duhaime in a prank war, the friendly rivalry between Colorado Avalanche teammates took a hilarious turn, leading to a hilarious social media apology from Duhaime.

When Duhaime first tricked Fleury by covering his automobile in toilet paper, Fleury planned a lavish comeback while the Minnesota Wild were in Colorado. Fleury’s crowning achievement was taking off Duhaime’s tires and stashing them in the garage, all while decorating Duhaime’s car with flowers and a “For Sale” sign.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Credit: NHL)

Fleury Wins Prank War

Fleury expressed his delight in including teammates and the fulfillment of teamwork while disclosing the careful planning that went into his practical joke.

When Fleury’s actions presented a comic challenge, Duhaime quickly released an apology video, hilariously hiding his face with an emoji as he acknowledged Fleury’s victory.

Even though Fleury had won, Duhaime suspected that other people had helped carry out the hoax by making fun of Fleury’s technical prowess and advocating group efforts.

The playful banter between the teammates dates back to an interview Duhaime gave when jokingly referring to Fleury as “50” during his time with the Wild. Fleury responded by jokingly rearrangement Duhaime’s possessions, which led to a sequence of increasingly outrageous antics between the two.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Credit: ESPN)
Marc-Andre Fleury (Credit: ESPN)

Duhaime started the prank war again after being traded to the Avalanche. During the team’s trip to Minnesota, he covered Fleury’s car with toilet paper, which led to Fleury’s clever revenge.

Now that Fleury has the upper hand in their ongoing rivalry thanks to his most recent prank, Duhaime can plan his next hilarious move, making sure that the lighthearted banter between the duo teammates continues to entertain fans and teammates alike.