Following His Decisive WWE Title Victory At Wrestlemania 40, Cody Rhodes Made History

The 40th edition of WWE WrestleMania was an incredible event on Sunday, as Cody Rhodes made history by taking the reigns as the Undisputed WWE Champion. With his success over the powerful Tribal Chief, Rhodes achieved a remarkable feat that was above any expectations.

The anticipation for this great duel was enormous, and Rhodes lived up to the hype. Fans all throughout the world rejoiced at his success, which was more than simply a personal triumph. Notable individuals like John Cena and The Undertaker supported Rhodes and emphasized the extent of his achievement.

Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

Cody Rhodes Makes History at WWE WrestleMania 40

Apart from his victory in the WWE, Rhodes had a lasting impression on the history of professional wrestling by becoming a member of a select group. He became the first person to hold the Ring of Honor, WWE, and NWA World Championships after this victory.

Famous triumphs along the way have brought Rhodes to this peak moment, such as his Ring of Honor World Championship victory over Christopher Daniels at Best in the World 2017 and his NWA title victory over Nick Aldis at the 2018 All-In show.

The Rock & Roman Reigns Vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins
The Rock & Roman Reigns Vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins (Credit: ESPN)

The American Nightmare has countless opportunities ahead of it as Rhodes revels in his historic championship victory. Fans of wrestling are excited about Rhodes’ future as he continues to excel and leave his stamp on the business.