Following The Defeat To Wrestlemania 40, Roman Reigns’ Next Appearance Was Announced

The fearsome Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, lost the WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40, which was a major setback for him. Reigns’ reign of domination on the Island of Relevancy came to an end with the much awaited matchup.

Reigns and Rhodes engaged in a bloodline-style bout in the main event, with unforgettable cameos from The Rock, John Cena, and The Undertaker.

Roman Reigns (Credit: ESPN)

Roman Reigns’ Stunning Defeat

In spite of the fight’s chaotic character, Rhodes prevailed, overthrowing Reigns following an extraordinary reign of more than 1,300 days as champion.

After losing, Reigns let himself a day to process the situation before releasing a mysterious statement. He made a suggestion about a new direction for his work, indicating that he was ready to take a new journey following this setback.

The Rock & Roman Reigns Vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins
The Rock & Roman Reigns Vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins (Credit: ESPN)

Reigns will now make an appearance on SmackDown before SummerSlam 2024. This implies that he might be taking an extended break to collect himself and make plans for his comeback to the spotlight.

Reigns’ future intentions are still unknown, but his tenacity and will are obvious. During this break, he might reconsider his approach and take back control of the WWE.