Following Wrestlemania 40, The Rock Earns Nearly $10 Million In TKO Stock

Exciting occurrences occurred at WrestleMania 40, with Cody Rhodes taking center stage after unseating Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed Universal Champion. Still, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the one who made the most money during the event, taking home around $10 million in TKO Group Holdings stock.

The Rock (Credit-ESPN)

The Rock’s Mega Deal

On April 7th, The Rock was awarded an astounding 96,558 shares of TKO Group Holdings Class A common stock following his spectacular comeback to the ring at WrestleMania 40. The wrestling legend achieved a profitable milestone with these shares, which were valued at almost $9.4 million.

These shares were allotted subject to the fulfillment of particular obligations specified in The Rock’s Independent Contractor Services and Merchandising Agreement, dated January 22, 2024. Significantly, Johnson’s connection to TKO expanded when, the next day, he was elected to the company’s 13-member Board of Directors.

For a maximum of ten years, WWE is allowed to use The Rock’s name, likeness, and image under the terms of the deal. Johnson will receive about 400,000 shares of TKO stock in return, which is estimated to be worth $39 million.

The Rock
The Rock in WWE (Credit-ESPN)

Sportico said that the stock distribution happened in stages. Following the deal’s conclusion, the first 25% of the shares were distributed in January, with more distributions scheduled. The remaining 25% is scheduled for the end of the year, after which there will be monthly payments for the duration of 2025, ending with the provision of specific services.

In the middle of this financial boom, The Rock made a dramatic entrance on Monday Night RAW, where he engaged Cody Rhodes in a heated confrontation. The Great One’s triumphant return to WWE television is highly anticipated by fans, who can’t wait for his next move.